Title: ABB – Installer Products Introduction, Author: Michael James, Name: ABB Fully conform to IEC (Active energy) Direct connected OD Up to. Buy ABB LCD Digital Power Meter, 7-Digits, 3 Phase, ±2 % Accuracy 2CMAR – OD or other digital-power-meters online from RS for next day. ABB’s broad program of standardized products and components OD IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes. DAB IR. No. Yes. Class B (Cl. 1). -. Yes .. transformer ratio on OD ) which makes it very easy to deal with in.

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The product does not contain any of the restricted substances in concentrations and applications banned by the Directive, and for components, the product is capable of being worked on at the higher temperatures required by lead—free soldering. The anti-theft protection is integrated.

The Room Master was developed for all rooms of this type. Move to position and sbb protection automatic control. Filter tables can be used to reduce the telegram traffic between lines or areas. No additional power supply necessary. Fan Coil Actuators vary in the way they control the valves.

Window sensors, condensed water sensors and temperature sensors can be connected to the three universal inputs. The internet gateway provides remote access to the electrical installation from any internet access point worldwide. Senden von Telegrammen bei Verwendung pd Mehrfach-Bedienelementes m?

The assignment of the physical address as well as the para meter settings is carried out with ETS 2 from version V1. The error messages are processed within abh unit and can be forwarded to a display unit. As an option a 20 m long-range lens can be used for surveillance of long corridors, etc. An optional reed relay RL in the last detector of the zone monitors the supply voltage and the removal of a smoke detector from the base. The Manufacturers reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice.


The status of the inputs are displayed by yellow LEDs. A device ood be contained in several lighting groups. The device provides 4 monitored pd and 3 relay outputs.

Electrometers CEWE

It can 41665 used simultaneously as a distribution box. Konvencionalni tasteri na pritiskanje i LED npr. Inputs A and B are independent of inputs C and D.

Infrared Hand Held Transmitter Infrared hand-held transmitter. The Shutter Actuator is a rail-mounted device for insertion in the distribution board.

Accommodates up to 4 plug-in modules. The connection of the outputs is implemented using universal head screw terminals. Der 8fach Schaltaktor ist ein Reiheneinbaugert zum Einbau in Verteiler. The time signal from the DCF 77 transmitter can be received within a radius of approx. Supplies a regulated output voltage of 12 V DC and a max.

For incandescent lamps, zbb lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps with conventional transformers or electronic transformers. Actuator to control a blower or fan with up to three fan speeds via step or changeover control. The DSM incorporates a suppressor diode which suppresses transient overvoltages and interference voltage spikes on the KNX. The Logic Controller comes in a newly developed housing for mounting on a DIN rail enabling easy dismounting without 1465 necessity for a tool.

The current status of the inputs is indicated via yellow LEDs. The lighting groups can be integrated in this way into a constant lighting control. The thermal valve drives of the radiator valves abg operated both noisefree abv with a low rate of wear.

Two binary inputs are available, for example, wbb signalling contacts for window contact and dew point monitoring. The smoke detector is battery-operated 9 V battery.


Each switching time can release several actions. The device has an integrated web server which enables simple operation and parameterisation via the LAN using a conventional browser. The controller is a constant ambient temperature controller for fan convectors fan coils The Fan Coil ambient temperature controller with display is a continuous KNX ambient temperature controller for fan convectors in 2 and 4-pipe systems.

Electromotor Valve Drive Proportional valve drive for controlling heating valves. They can be universally employed for submetering applications in industrial installations, commercial buildings, offices, leisure complexes and private homes Technical Data Accuracy class: Local control possible via flush-mounted sensors and conventional pushbutton.

For display and opertion until 80 EIB-functions, with lightscene management and timer operation. Buttons on the front of the device can be used to simulate the input state. It isused as a control, monitoring and in-dication unit for the complete KNX in-stallation which can be operatedacross different rooms.

Representation from individual floor plans, room images and operation pages. The status of each zone is displayed with a status LED.

:: Futurasmus KNX Group :: EIB/KNX Leading Wholesaler

Fans, also referred to as blower convectors or Fan Coil units, are qbb for distributed heating and cooling applications. Freie Abschnitte der Datenschiene mssen mit einem Abd. Device for switching and dimming of 16 independent groups of luminaries. The inputs are independent of one another. Monday to Friday from