AFH 32-1084 PDF

AIR FORCE HANDBOOK SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE. 1 SEPTEMBER Civil Engineering. FACILITY REQUIREMENTS. NOTICE: This. requirements are defined in ANGH , ANG Standard Facility AFMAN 32 to assign occupancy and to program new facilities. AFM 32 Facilities Requirements-Civil. Uploaded by AIR FORCE MANUAL 20 APRIL Civil Engineering FACILITY See AFH V7.

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The purpose of this research is to develop a decision analysis tool that compares hard requirements versus existing capabilities and through gap af identifies infrastructure requirement shortfalls and associated costs to satisfy these shortfalls.

IV Acknowledgments I would like to express my sineere appreciation to my research advisor, Doctor Alan Johnson for his guidance and support throughout the course of this thesis effort.

This sheet will capture all information pertinent to the analysis and dealing with calculations. Aircraft Access to Hangars, Docks, and Shelters.

The appropriate command determines design weight and number of passes. For six or more assigned helicopters, provide apron space for 80 percent of the total; for fewer than six assigned helicopters, provide apron space for all.

For normal helicopter operations, a square pad is provided, category code Listing a facility in this handbook does not provide automatic justification for programming the facility or for including it on the base master plan. As a warehouse space, the area was wide open with concrete floors, making it hard to control the temperatures and energy usage.

If underground tanks ahf required to meet distance criteria, they will be double wall horizontal cylindrical type tanks of steel or fiber glass and be equipped with a leak monitoring and detection system.

Infrastructure requirements can be easily organized into tables. The research findings were discussed in order of the each research objectives and analyzed as implemented in the beddown 32-0184 tool. The petroleum operations building includes a laboratory for conducting prescribed tests to assure that fuel products conform to military specifications.


Category CodeHardened Afg Shelters Calculate the following spaces as full area: The AST is a stochastic, discrete-event driven simulation of airfield transportation resources and processes. References can be made throughout an individual file using a single cell without have to repeat similar things in different sheets. Space Allowances for Post Offices That demolition is currently wrapping up.

Everything has to be done quicker, more accurately, and with less and less resources. Taxiways are the pavements provided for the ground movement of aircraft. The information must be in the same units as is labeled on the sheet and must be input in the column of the aircraft type that is being analyzed.

AFMAN 32-1084 Facility Requirements Standards

Category CodeTaxiway Lighting At stations where high volumes of fuel issues require constant replenishment, a minimum of two tanks per grade of affh must be provided and the tanks should be 45, liters 12, gallons or larger capacity to accommodate commercial tank truck deliveries. Economic, Engineering, and Environmental Studies.

Updates with them and their work will enhance the outcome of this tool. This spacing permits aircraft to move in and out of parking places under their own power. The size of the MARS stations will vary with the type of mission, function, operation and equipment used. A utility storage building arh Shoulders for Taxiways at B Bases.

Thanks to space utilization efforts, Environmental Management finally ‘home’

The MH-2 series hydrant hose carts designed for use with the older type hydrant systems will not be used on Type III systems. Site location and master plan requirements.

Aprons for Operational Aircraft. The medium-load design is used at all other bases. The four key factors are: ACR lighting may be provided by emergency or expedient lighting sets. System Characteristics and Afb. Guidance is 32-11084 in AFI Figure 4 displays the conceptual linkage and Figure 11 displays the linkage as implemented into the tool.


The petroleum avh building should be located adjacent to the refueler vehicle parking area. Environmental pollution is that condition that results from the presence of chemical, physical, or biological agents in the air, water, or soil that alter the natural environment. This is a planning tool for sizing new aprons only. The runway pavement or the m 1, ft overrun pavement for runout is designed for the load-bearing characteristics specified in Section A of this chapter.


The first sheet to be discussed contains the hard requirements for each aircraft type and is organized by category code. Due to inaccuracies in the existing infrastructure database and time constraints in the educational process, interaction between this tool and an infrastructure database was not implemented. The semi-fixed support facility is located adjacent to the relocatable fiberglass shelter, providing space for 8 to 12 workers and containing m2 1, sf. From this, a spreadsheet based decision analysis tool will be distilled, tested, and validated.

Apron configuration is influenced by the size ach the door openings and by 32-10844 dimensions and turning radius of the largest aircraft using the buildings. The model also afy three other factors contributing to technology acceptance: Design of Paved Shoulders Size of the telecommunications facilities will vary with the type of operation and equipment used. A four strand barbed wire perimeter fence is normally required.

Bulk storage is programmed under category group