The silly thing is that by default the settings for OLE objects are such that they might not plot. Here’s how: Have an excel spread sheet saved. That’s one of the reasons I avoid using OLE objects. Unfortunately your version of AutoCAD is too old to have the Table > DataLink feature that. The Object Inserted into AutoCAD is an OLE, and I can not get this to PLOT. I do know if you insert the Object as a TIFF or a JPEG it will Plot.

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Can’t figure out how to attach to email from this forum. I deal a lot with Maps for land registry, building sites, planning permission etc.

To add insult to injury, I opened the drawing that plotted for me 10 days ago, and without changing a thing I have the same plot problem with it. I can indeed plot the PDF. You are welcome, I’m glad you found a solution.

Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

I have a pdf, opened in Acrobat, put on clipboard as a graphic. Hello, I am trying to embed a picture but have no succes untill. To cancel your account, use the page Opt-out or contact webmaster cadforum. Are you printing to PDF use Adobe? February 13, at Instead of trying to insert a pdf or ole object have you tried converting the image to a jpeg or tif and inserting it as an image.


I want to be able to say I figured it out. If you go to your printers and faxes on the start menu, right click the printer in question and select properties, then on the advanced tab select print directly to the printer instead of spoolingsee if this has any effect. Again, I appreciate your time.

Posted September 23, Maybe it is not applicable for jpg file? I tried selecting it and changing the color but no change Just another example of why not use OLEs.

If I test it in the center of the page, no distortion. I had to mess around a bit to get an acceptable size using a window, but it is DONE!!! March 24, at 9: I too tried AutoTable at one point but it did not do what I needed. I haven’t managed to convert pdf to an image file with the pixels going berserk, although what we have done is printed the pdf and scanned it as a jpeg and inserted it that way, it might be worth a try I guess.

What has me the most puzzled is why image shows on my printer, but not my plotter. I just want to save the file as 1.

PDF OLE into AutoCAD not printing [Archive] – AUGI

I save the Image as a. I have about six drawings and have been trying for two days!

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Why not just save aurocad image and use it as an You are quite nice. Am I missing something? But when I re-opened the drawing, I can not get it to plot properly again. I can now trace around Fields, Sites, using Polylines and if the polyline is closed, I can accurately find the Area of sites. Doc and inserting that, making the image a block once it’s in my drawing.


Already have an account? February 9, at Are your plotter drivers up to date, if its okay on the inkjet but not on the plotter then I would suggest its the plotter and not settings in Acad. Thank you for this suggestion, something I did not know about, but it didn’t work.

Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

Notify me of new comments via email. One other thing to note. Thanks for your help! Yes it will print from excel just fine, whether I print the original or the embedded page opened from CAD Linking OLE and not Linking. PasteSpecial I believe – as an enhanced Metafile I have tried everything, linking, not linking, pasting it on a Word. This is John Connor. By all means email me the pdf and I will be happy to convert it for you, you never know it could work out.