Students taught for ragas on flute by Suchismita about the advanced techniques of fingering, playing complex compositions and ragas with examples from. The Indian musical system relies on the notions of RAGA (melody) and TALA Your tanpura needs to be tuned according to the key of the flute you are playing. The bansuri is a deceptively simple bamboo flute. The Indian-style flute uses no keys, tone control being a matter of breath control and careful fingering on the.

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You will now need a tabla Indian drum or a tabla player on computer or ipod. The goal of the site is to spread bamboo flute music and to Indian classical musical rags.

So one improvised melody might make us think of romance, another might make us feel very calm and another might make its listeners feel sad. Musical notes of different series in their consecutive order of pitch within an octave form the basis of a raga.

I will soon publish my first book dedicated to learning flute.

Each raga, which is always improvised in Indian music, gives a different feel. The composition below is based on Teental 16 beats are played on the tabla so if using your computer or ipod you can set this to teental.

Bansuri Flute: LEARN HINDUSTANI MUSIC – RAGAS – The basics

If you are playing with a computer or ipod tabla, you will be able to see if you return to the 9th beat. Indian music of all types, in general and classical music, in particular, is based on raga melody and tala rhythmic cycles.

Bansrui notes are played over and over again throughout a performance and that is why it is important to know them. The music is very complex and if you are completely new to Indian music, bare with me, I will do my best to explain what I have learnt so far.


What i mean too. The framework also allows for endless variations within the set of notes.

For Raga Bhupali, the vadi most important note is: Kafi, Sindhi Bhairavi, Piloo. The raga often culminates with a fully improvised crescendo called “jhala”, which for bansuri players is a fast staccato section using a lot of tonguing to break each note. Thus popular ragas like Yaman or Bhairavi have thousands of compositions in use today, yet when any of them are well played, an experienced listener can quickly determine what raga they are hearing.

It motivates me a lot.

HINDUSTANI MUSIC – INTRODUCTION (Still under construction)

The bansuri is a transverse side-blown bamboo flute from northern India. Everything on the site is free. It is also often associated with the separation of a lover. Here, we are providing many ragas with composition and improvisations bxnsuri pre-composed alaap and taans, which will help the aspirants to understand and know the concepts of rendering and improvisations in a raga. Literally translated, raga means “that which colors the mind”. Notice also that the higher version of each note is capitalized.

Thus, the next note higher in the major scale Bilawal”Shuddh Re” is played with the top two fingers down, and “Shuddh Ga” the natural 3rd is played with only the top hole covered.

What should I know first Begin here. There is also a broad time cycle that is followed while rendering a Raga. Ragas are many and each has its own distinctive quality and feel. Notice that each note has only one name! Most of my recordings have been made on my Zoom H2 n handheld recorder, or even minidisc or iPhone. This will happen many times: The drone serves several purposes: Keep uploading your video.

Bansuri Learning Raga Yaman | Flute Bansuri-Official Site

How to play the composition: This is as opposed to Western Music where a C sharp is the same as D flat for instanceand it makes things far less confusing. Finally, “High Sa” is reached by again covering the top 3 holes; notice however that now you are blowing with much more force than when you played low Sa. There will also be longer improvisations where a performer will leave the sthayi for some time but eventually come back to it.


Other bansuri players who use the 7th hole include Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao and the late Pandit Panallal Ghoshwho pioneered the style and brought the bansuri to the forefront of Indian Classical Music.

Imagine someone saying to you “Ok so now you can play on the bansuri the normal notes; Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, but now you must only play specific notes and some notes you must not play at all”. Bnsuri performance will eventually gain in speed and become more and more intense. Often, a “tihai” a short phrase repeated ragz times signals the return to the gat.

Listening to this music transforms time and space For example Raga Bhupali uses the following notes ascending: I can call one of them any moment and immerse myself in its musicality; their personalities rafa so rich and complex that I never feel lonely”. Ragas are differentiated from each other by the prominence of certain fixed notes, and by the sequence of a particular note or distinctive phrases. Raya Indian Flute Music Membership Site holds an array of bansuri lessons, exercises and compositions intended to teach you the finer details of raga and Indian classical music.

Thanks for your support! The first note tonic of any scale in Indian Music is called “Sa”.