LOGOBR publica com exclusividade na internet o brandbook (manual de marca) da Nike Football para o ano de Aula de consistência de aplicação de. Brand guidelines / Committee for Auckland Brand Identity by Everything Design; a Branding & Graphic Design Company Auckland New Zealand. Everything. A brand book lies at the heart of every strong company, and often reveals Nike Football’s brand book show’s an intense, powerful attitude.

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The logos are simple and the typeface is football to read whilst also being clear and easy to navigate! A brand style guide tells your team how to stay true to that brand.

As a lengthy guide, it captures a diverse range of information in true professional style. Their style guide feature their latest icons, colourful palettes, typography for print and web and even how to use their crown icons! Their guide includes their stylish logo and their very own typeface — Helvetica Rootball.

This no-nonsense guide pays homage to the vibrant green colours that we have all come to know and love. Join in on the fun and take a look via issue here. Ikea The IKEA style guide provides an insight into the origin, growth and way of operation of the company.

This style guide shows you all you need to create an incredible package design that works foofball with the overall brand of your company. Ever wondered how Virgin’s branding assets were designed? It was designed in and is now one of the most iconic logos ever created.

Get inspired and check it out here. Leading technological giant, Toshiba cootball its visibility and message of its visionary and lively brand through out all of its marketing material. The manual on concluding note cautions against usage of the official marks for private advertisements and offers the supply of the digital files detain the graphic guidelines of the official marks on request for reproduction.


Ask your team for input and perspective.

Brandbook Nike Football | 1C | Pinterest | Nike football, Identity and Football

The style guide features a range of graphics and logos that reinforce the brand image throughout the manual. The Buffer style guide presents a grand display of colour and interesting fonts. Follow us on social media. The Lexus style guide uses several diagrams to explain their popular logo and brand signatures. This beautifully designed guide offers clear and easy to use chapters covering a range of topics. Good style guides should always provide in depth information about branding and marketing materials.

It’s both easy to read and to navigate with plenty of pictures to show the look and feel of the brand. Check it out via Issuu here. Check out how T Mobile uses their brand assets and colours via issue here.

There are plenty of pictures and images to make the brand personality clear for readers. Take a look for yourself via Sribd here. Their colourful badges and iconography really sets them apart in the market and is a great starting point for any style guide enthusiast. The clever multi coloured use of tones and graphics really sets it aside from competitors as it channels their rainbow design logo.

A look at brand books from the best in the business – Apple, Nike and more

The idea of using both English and Japanese in the promotional brochures is innovative and helpful in invoking local support. The Red Cross style guide keeps everything simple and easy to understand. This is footbll very colourful style guide that is easy to use and understand for all to read.

Be inspired and take a look via issue here. It has plenty of grids and charts to help readers understand how to effectively use colour and text. This nifty saying is all too true brandobok Lonely Planet which showcases a wide variety of graphics and color schemes in their online style guide. Check it out via their website here.


They use standard typeface of selected weights of Helvetica font with internal substitutions of Aerial font. Your brand style brandboik is a living, breathing document. Posted on 26 April, – Last Modified on 29 August, Skype What better way to design a style guide than to incorporate both creativity and detail? The guideline issues friendly advice readers in making reference to the brand.

Have a look around via webguruafrica here. Tired of the same old design?

Nobody likes a complicated style guide. Take a look through their guide here! Prefer to get the news as it happens? Start by making a list of any additional elements that you will need to cover in your guide. There are great charts to explain colour and line usage, as well as how to properly use the logo. With great colour schemes, custom fonts, and graphics, this is a place where fun begins. There’s a focus on the use of colour and font with a variety of pictures to demonstrate the look and feel of the brand.

There’s a great use of colour in this style guide! A brand book lies at the heart of every strong company, and often reveals insider details, goals and marketing techniques. Design ux brwndbook design POWr shares important lessons in scalable product design.