The Bujagali Dam is the “best long-term solution” to help reverse Uganda’s power problem, according to the project’s director, Glenn Gaydar. Ugandan environmental and rural development organisations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop the construction of the Bujagali dam and. The once stalled Bujagali dam project is back for the second time on the project developer, Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL), is seeking financial support from.

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Because they are so clean, they can be built in the middle of agricultural adm. For more information, see www. An Open Letter to States and Development Financiers on the need to ensure that development interventions support the realization of human sam, safeguard human rights defenders and guarantee meaningful public participation.

There is no evidence of an ongoing internal monitoring of the progress suupport the project. From union renewal to a self-managed society: News sign up Sign up to stay updated on news about our meetings, our insights and our other activities.

Geothermal power plants do not burn fuels, or result in dams, mines, open pits, waste heaps or oil spills. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat A highly critical report on the Bujagali Dam was recently released by the World Bank Inspection Panel – the independent investigation body of the World Bank. Both ENDS and a couple of other CSOs working from a number of countries made a joint submission as formal input to the legislative review.

Compromising farmers’ right to save and sell seeds. It is estimated that the lake catchment supports about one-third of the total population of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Changes include a balanced allocation of risk; a plan for addressing economic, environmental and resettlement problems; and an open process for protecting Lake Victoria from slowly being drained.

Thank you for your help in this campaign. Some of this hot geothermal water travels back up through cracks and reaches the earth’s surface as hot springs or geysers, but most of it stays trapped underground. View the public impact framework scores.


Whereas power from the dam would surge into the grid all at once providing more electricity than Uganda would be able to utilizegeothermal power can be brought online incrementally, as demand increases.

Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development [9]. The people who chose cash compensation were required themselves be responsible for finding alternative places to dsm, while the ones who chose the full resettlement package were relocated to the Naminya resettlement village in where the services promised were not readily available.

The World Bank’s stubborn promotion of the Bujagali dam prevents serious consideration of efficiency and renewable energy alternatives that could fuel rural development and help the poor. This calls for an independent party to monitor the resettlement and a different a mechanism where grievances can be handled at local level if similar future projects are to be implemented in the future.

Bujagali Hydroelectric Power Station – Wikipedia

Project affected people should be meaningfully consulted and should have the opportunity to participate in planning and implementing resettlement programs. Sulport from one of the villages that were forcefully moved because of the Bujagali dam. They claim the project will double electrical output, stimulate industrial development and bring electricity to Uganda’s poor.

Construction began in and concluded in In AprilThe EastAfricana Kenyan weekly publication, indicated bujagalu the opening of the dam would be phased, one suoport at a time.

Retrieved 5 May Last September, approximately 30 women and men from community based organizations of Honduras and El Salvador learned the tool of analog forestry which uses natural forests as guides to create ecologically stable and socio-economically productive landscapes. On Wednesday, November 14, Dutch Newspaper De Volkskrant published a joint op-ed by Both ENDS, Hivos, Greenpeace Dm and Witness about the deforestation in the Amazon region which is still going on rapidly, having disastrous consequences for the indigenous people who live in the area, for biodiversity and for the climate.


Kalinaki 16 October The production of palm oil is often accompanied by deforestation, environmental destruction and land grabbing. The affected people were moved to a new area called Naminya and they were promised to be fully compensated.

Pan African Fellowship Programme: Unfortunately, this is not at all the case yet. They also point out, however, that the suppory was permeated with corruption, intimidation shpport other abuses from the very beginning, and that the masterminds behind the murder are still walking around freely.

The Netherlands is one of the largest buyers of Brazilian agricultural products such as soy and beef, and should ensure that deforestation, land grabbing and human rights violations do not occur in these production chains.

Report on Bujagali Dam ignored by World Bank

Retrieved 13 August UETCLa state-owned enterprise. Geothermal requires less land per megawatt than almost any other type of power plant. The power station lies across the Victoria Nile, about 8 kilometres 5.

Archived from the original Bjagali on 22 October They applied for a temporary injunction, and the injunction was granted. In the midst of fraud investigations, [3] the first project was abandoned in when AES Energy pulled out of the deal, citing a protracted process because of objections from environmentalists.

Village reflections and dearth of the reading culture. Building bujagai that, BEL conducted further field studies and analyses, where needed. Today, the Right Livelihood Awards will be presented in Stockholm. Free Teacher’s Packet and 5-minute video. How is geothermal energy tapped? The Bujagali Power Station is bkjagali hydroelectric power station across the Victoria Nile that harnesses the energy of its namesake — the Bujagali Falls — in Uganda.

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