Eqlib: Equation library Precision: 12 digits, Program functions: Jump Cond Subr Lbl Ind. Memories: (0) I believe that the FXP was one of the very first BASIC programmable handheld calculators made by Casio. View and Download Casio Fxp user manual online. Fxp Calculator pdf manual download. 9. program library (18 pages). Calculator Casio fxG. Chapter 21 Program Library – Casio PLUS – Casio. modulo di iscrizione mileage program – brescia chapter italy Casio FX P e PB – BiT.

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Casio FX-702P

Even its keyboard layout is different: Both GOTO lines and subroutines can be addressed indirectly via line number calculation.

A year-old FXP in working condition. Nickel-metal-hydrite rechargeable battery Prnt: Windschitl, which uses the hyperbolic sine for a fast and efficient computation: Windschitl, which uses the hyperbolic sine for a fast and efficient computation:.

Casio calculators Pocket computers Products introduced in Both programs and data can be stored to magnetic tape. Ten programming areas are supported, P0 through P9. Complex number arithmetic DC: Array memory can be aliased to fixed variable names, for example A 11 references the same location as variable B1.


This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat BASIC lines can be numbered from 1 through to Milliamperes of current Mtrx: Second, its programming model: Maybe it’s that “retro” spirit prrogram me, but I find this machine more friendly than later, slimmer Casio models. Standard deviation 1-variable statistics Solv: First, its external interface is a 7-pin plug that is identical to that used on the fxP, and decidedly different from the wider plugs used in many later machines.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. That said, I kind of like this machine.

Magnetic card storage Cmem: Number base calculations Card: Views Read Edit View history. The FXP features a single line dot matrix liquid crystal display with 20 characters. Although the feature was not documented, the FP can also be used with the FXP series and was able to print out programs librart Key-code notation.

A digit mantissa is displayed including minus sign however internal calculations use a digit mantissa.

Programmable Calculators – Casio fxP – Details

Retrieved from ” https: Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery NiMH: Subroutine call capability Libfary Lithium-ion rechargeable battery Lreg: Casio via Geoffroy Derenne.


Subroutines are supported, but passing parameters to subroutines is not supported. The subroutine call stack can be up to 10 deep.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Programs can be password protected from both listing and execution.

This early machine has several unique distinguishing features. The interface features a Kansas City standard Compact Cassette interface and printer port for the FP thermal printer.

Casio Fx-702p User Manual

The printer can also be connected directly to the calculator. Linear regression 2-variable statistics mA: Data can be stored under program control. Since this machine has a built-in hyperbolic sine function, it is only appropriate to demonstrate its programming model using an approximation of the logarithm of the Gamma function progra, developed by Robert H.

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