J. C. CATFORD. LANGUAGE. LANGUAGE. LEARNING. A Linguistic. Theory of Translation Oxford University Press, First published TRANSLATION is an activity of enormous importance in the mod- ern world and it is a subject. A linguistic theory of translation: an essay in applied linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistic research.

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It is dealt with here, however, since it is important to use the distinct term partial in tjeory semi-technical, syntagmatic, sense, reserving the term restricted for use in the linguistically technical sense given in 2. The book is a valuable addition to the literature of a subject which has only recently begun to receive the scientific treatment it deserves. The whole treatment of colour and colour- relations is somewhat over-simplified here and in 7.

This is the only thing one can do with a recorded spoken or written text when the original translator is not present. These include the following: It is a way, perhaps the most important way, in which human beings interact in social situations. This is largely an illusion. Comparative Linguistics is an extension of descriptive linguistics which establishes relations between two or more languages. This, again, illustrates a phenomenon found in total translation.

Thus, to find the French textual equivalent of the Kf text My son is six, we ask a competent translator to put linguostic into the TL, French. In other words we can attribute the relative untranslata- bility of the two SL items to a purely formal linguistic feature — unusualness of collocation.

The concept of rank and rank scale is an important one both in theoretical linguistics and in many applications of linguistics, including translation-theory.


Rare cases of deliberate attempts at partial replacement by equivalent TL phonology, in total translation, do occur: It may, for example, be said that English and French possess formally corresponding systems of number.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics – J. C. Catford – Google Books

An additional modification, reduced r is occasionally useful. Other parts of the general field linguisticc linguistics include Institu- tional Linguistics and the theory of Language Varieties dealt with in Chapter This may lead to what we have called cultural cahford. Similarly in He met Susan at the party the adverbial group at the party is operating directly in the structure of the clause — as exponent of A. And this would be a type of linguistic untranslatability.

We may express it in the actual figures, e. Two lexical items in it call for comment. A professor of zoology may give a lecture to a learned society in zoological lingujstic and formal style.

We can state this textual equivalence as: We indicate these differences in the following diagram, in which the marked terms in the Russian and English aspect- systems are enclosed in rectangles: In Chapter 7 we talked about linguistically relevant features of situation substance — translaation features, or bundles of features, which led to the performer selecting this or that item of his language.

We can tabulate rheory difference thus: The transference-equivalents could be embedded in English translations of Indonesian texts and might conceivably be a useful device in teaching the Indonesian use of Indonesian pronouns to English learners; for this purpose the translation might be rank-bound at word rank, true translation equivalents with English meanings being used for everything except the pronouns. But no English item is relatable to the full range of situational features, and there are likely to be texts where no possible English translation equivalent exists.

We use the term intra-system shift for those cases where the shift occurs internally, within a system; that is, for those cases where SL and TL possess systems which approximately corres- pond formally as to their constitution, but when translation involves selection of a non-corresponding term in the TL system.


Full text of “A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( )”

It thus offers new and often challenging perspectives on the history of literature in English. The exponents of elements of sentence-structure are clauses. The total co-text will supply information which the translator will use in coming to a decision, but it is difficult to define functional relevance in general terms. In total translation, SL and TL texts or items are translation equivalents when they are interchangeable in a given situation.

In certain circumstances, however, the translator attempts to reproduce at least some features of SL phonology in the TL text — i.

A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( 1965)

Change an element in the situation and observe what textual change occurs; change an item in a text and observe what situational changes occur. This text is intended for. Since translation has to do with language, the analysis and description of translation-processes must make considerable use of categories set up for the description of languages.

We stated in 1.

General Linguistics is the general theory of how language works. We will give only two further illustrations at this point.

It is x operating directly in the clause, but within a Nominal Group, as exponent of Q. In any given situation, only one out of this wide range of potentially, or linguistically, relevant features is functionally relevant. The various formal relations into which a form enters constitute its formal meaning. Contents General Linguistic Theory.