Contributed by Benne de Weger, the Netherlands. “The title may be translated as The Counting Devil, or maybe The Number Devil, and it has a subtitle that. Der Zahlenteufel. by Hans Magnus Enzensberger at – ISBN – ISBN – DTV Deutscher Taschenbuch – : Der Zahlenteufel () by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available.

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I am astounded by how interesting this book made everything sound.

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I have recommended this to many of my homeschool friends. On the first night, the Number Devil appears to Robert in an oversized world and introduces the number one. Although there are many Number Devils from Number HeavenRobert only knows him as the Number Devil before learning of his actual name, Teplotaxl, later in the story. He zahkenteufel experiences recurring dreams —including falling down an endless slide or being eaten by a giant fish—but is interrupted from this sleep habit one night by a small devil creature who introduces himself as the Number Devil.

We read this book to zahelnteufel and have fun. Contributed by Rosy This book is a wonderfully funny way to talk about math. At Number Heaven, Robert learns of imaginary numberswhich Teplotaxl describes as imaginative numbersas well as the Klein bottle.


Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Contributed by Maria My fourth grade daughter and I alternated reading a chapter aloud zahleneufel day. Contributed by Anonymous The Number Devil was a great book. The Number Devil teaches Robert about natural numberswhich the Number Devil calls garden-variety numbersthe unusual characteristics of infiniteand infinite series.

Buy this work of mathematical fiction and read reviews at amazon. Its colorful use of fictional mathematical terms and its creative descriptions of concepts have made it a suggested book for both children and adults troubled with math.

I do have a question about the concepts covered in the book. My question is about irrational numbers “unreasonable numbers” as they are called in the book. My mother raised me with a love of numbers and math and its mysteries and complexities from an early age. I wish the author would write another book – it is wonderful. Contributed by Anonymous I picked this up first of all to practice my German, but was instantly hooked. Enzenberger does a marvelous job of making seemingly difficult number theory concepts fun and easy to understand.

Writing Across the Curriculum is a key component of our PreK school.

It was a funny and interesting book that made my math phobic daughter think of math zahlenteufe a friendlier way. Not all reviews were positive, however. Retrieved 5 September FantasyDidacticChildren’s Literature. The only thing that bothers me is that they use fake and “quirky” names for the mathematical concepts.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat My daughter could not wait to get her calculator and find the square root of 2. A Mathematical Adventure German: Zahlentehfel presents mathematical concepts in an easy-to-understand but NOT dumbed-down way for children who aren’t yet able to read math textbooks for fun yes, there are people like that! Not for a minute. Archived from the original on 26 April As our “last chapter”, the students pretend they are a Number Devil and research a topic to explain to someone as their first assignment as a number devil.


Contributed by Summer Joy I love this book!

I am always looking for new materials. The seventh night brings Robert to a bare, white room, where the Number Devil presents Pascal’s triangle and the patterns that the triangular array displays. Mathematical Association of America.

In the index of the book, “unreasonable numbers” are translated as irrational. I frequently re-read it just for zahoenteufel, and every so often, I’ll get into a conversation about it with one of my “geeky” friends.

He defined them as irrational. The German author has since stated he zablenteufel not write any more young adult’s books, but instead direct his effort towards poetry.