This series is also known as:* The Mercenary (English)* Le Mercenaire (French)* De Huurling (Dutch)* O Mercenário (Portuguese)les. Vicente Segrelles Sacristán is an illustrator from Barcelona, who is best-known for his painted comic epos ‘El Mercenario’ (‘The Mercenary’). Growing up in an. El Mercenario. Bienvenida · Introducción · La Historia · Personajes · Ambientes: el cráter La primera “muerte” del Mercenario.

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Apparently it never gets cold in this world. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It feels static, not lively, and not particularly prurient, but perfectly fine for period historical fantasy, so I sfgrelles a lot of people might enjoy it. Just so he can say he promotes some approach to equality.

Paperback52 pages. Other books in the series. Rozada rated it really liked it Dec 21, Open Preview See a Problem? These fainting passive perfectly sculpted girls seem sort of sad to me.

What I found inside was gorgeous painted art and an unusual fantasy world. Return to Book Page. If you like good sword and scorchey type books, and don’t mind women running around half naked, you might enjoy this. Cover of El Mercenario 1 El Mercenario 1 – 10 of 13 books.

Series and books by Vicente Segrelles in stock in the Lambiek Webshop: This volume was first published 40 years ago, just after the Spain became a democracy. The hero is a Conan type, and just goes from fight to fight, but is skilled at what he does.

The story is good, once you get past all the women running around with barely anything on, while they are being rescued, or fighting, or just running. The artist does a good job of presenting things realistically, for the most part the main character really should have something under his armor, both because of the elevation, and because bare metal on skin must be uncomfortable yes, when the armor is shown in detail it appears to have some sort of built-in padding, but that is both unrealistic, and would provide little protection from pinching from the flexing of the segmented armor.


Anyway, it is not a book that I would necessarily seek out as with so many other things I’ve read, I stumbled across it working at a libraryand I certainly wouldn’t pay its retail price for it, but if my library system gets more volumes in the series, I will probably read them to see what happens, and to enjoy the marvelous scenery.

Here are valleys of dragon-riders in cities above the clouds, and here floating cities populated by all-female cults, and so on. The 10th edition of The MercenaryGiantswas the first to include pages designed entirely by computer. In addition to his epic series, Segrelles has made the comical series ‘El Sheriff Pat’ in the early s. Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.

The husband sensing betrayal casts the mercenary out of his home in the clouds. The art is beautfoul here, with pages that almost look like a canvas. Refresh and try again.

Der Söldner (El Mercenario #1) by Vicente Segrelles

Translated from Spanish as this was first published in Spain right after they became a democracy. Or the clothes only fit men. First, let me say, this really is georgously illustrated, with painted art, rather than the usual ink, that is then colored. I have no objection to the nekid ladies. I would put this book mmercenario the same plain as Conan or any other science fiction graphic novel or novel that draws on a sword and sorcery mileau.

Received a review copy from nbm and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. BeginningSegrelles began using the computer to illustrate most of his comics. Compared to that, it hardly seems worth noting that the “dragons” are clearly derived from pterosaurs, which were not, in fact, dinosaurs; but they also didn’t have the heads of tuataras, so whatever.


Der Söldner

To see what your friends segfelles of this book, please sign up. Overall, I liked this, though I feel a bit guilty saying so.

And this comic series of his is a class The Mercenary, written and drawn by Vicente Segrelles, is indisputably the best comic series I’d read so far. History’s on his side! But it is Vargas-like Playboy artist; I think I heard of him nudity, air-brushed, classically nude. Want sebrelles Read saving…. The story is pretty basic, but the art is gorgeous.

It harks back to the naive fantasy of the s and s, where the hero cannot do anything but stumble upon, and break the hearts of, lovely naked women all the time. After many failed attempts to get his work published, he got his first assignment inillustrating a book on firearms. As suspected, this is wonderful to look at, and less so to read.

A regular feature of The Mercenary adventures are beautiful women, almost always nude or semi-nude. Retrieved from ” https: Oh, there’s a story here that I seem to have forgotten. In an afterword about the artist, I learned this as well as his thoughts on other designs, like creating 2-legged dragons instead of four. Dolordebarriga rated it it was amazing Oct 08, The series was initially serialized, beginning inin the journal Cimocbefore moving on, beginning into be published as a collection of 13 albums, with at least 11 having been translated into English primarily by NBM.

Here are valleys of dragon-riders in cities above the clouds, and her As suspected, this rl wonderful to look at, and less so to read.