Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 9 Up-High school junior Becca Chandler is Storm (Elemental Book 1) – Kindle edition by Brigid Kemmerer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Brigid Kemmerer hails from Pasadena, Maryland, where she works in the finance industry. STORM: ELEMENTALS 1 is her first novel. You can visit her on. Storm Brigid Kemmerer Each one of the Merrick boys is an Elemental. Elementals gone bad are responsible for all the world’s disasters (much.

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This means that no, I wasn’t completely sucked in and sitting on the very edge of my seat, but while reading I was mighty interested in what was going to happen next. Those three words areā€¦ are you ready? I felt so upset! So, okay, I understand that. The story had me drawn in from the kemmdrer first page and I stayed up late reading this because I had to know what happened next. Because the person Becca spent the most time with, the person she had the best chemistry with, is not Chris, but Hunter.

I really don’t know who I love more – brigiid or the boys.

Storm: Elementals 1 – Brigid Kemmerer – – Allen & Unwin – Australia

Samantha Randolph, Promotions Manager. Gabriel was the ‘bad boy’, whereas Nick was the sweet, caring one. She seems to have real chemistry with Chris but then the new guy Hunter enters the picture and she seems to have some chemistry with him as well. The Merrick boys are virtually outcasts from their own kind and hunted for their powers. Especially seeing stupid indecisive heroines who spend the whole book deciding who to drool over.

Drew es un violador.

Who she slept with is none sform your goddamn business, and treating her like trash for something you think she did makes you no better than those assholes feeling her up and giving her dirty little notes. Oh lord, how I hurt for Michael after finding out what had happened from the prequel to this book.


View all 27 comments. Tuhshya Bhagat In storm,there are none. And now t Becca Chandler is suddenly getting all the guys– the ones she doesn’t want. Wouldn’t she not want to make assumptions about other people like they are making about her? Jazmen Greene, Staff Reviewer. This could have easily turned into a run of the mile “boy saves girl, boy and girl fall in love, the universe is trying to keep them apart And at first I was very pleasantly surprised.

It might not be the friendliest or most healthy attitude, but it’s fantastic to see. The writing is great – the dialogue zings and I often found myself really cheering the characters on. This is just too much hotness on one cover. I’ve been getting my genres confused lately. It tells the story of how when you prey on others, And both boys will have a hold over your heart – I honestly could not choose a favourite.

But, even with my reservations, I can’t resist challenging myself to something I wouldn’t normally pick so I settled down to give this novel a try. Every scene has a purpose and the buildup to all the fun stuff like finding out more about Chris and his brothers and the romance triangle with Hunter, Becca, and Chris. Storm is that novel that can’t stop flicking back through days after finishing, with characters you’re still quoting years after and a compelling paranormal edge that is about to take the YA world by storm.

Ok, so the boys are hot, I don’t care. They are so goddamn amazing. Overall, I loved it and I can’t wait to continue with the series. Sexy, flirty, firecracker who will make you swoon one minute and say something infurating the next and holy hell, I am looking forward to his story in Spark!


She plans on washing her hands of all those surly and ungrateful men! She reacts to it the way most girls would, and I couldn’t have loved her more if I tried. Tense Tips on technique 7: It will only take you a few minutes to read. I’ll cut this review short before I start repeating random words for “emphasis”.

Storm (Elemental #1)

They kemmerer like complete tools. If you can ignore his distant and cold aura, that is. I’ll get the obvious thought out of the way first: The Story I really appreciate the creativity that Brigid used in Storm. Porque duh uh, cualquier chica que “se respete a si misma” no va a ser un ser sexual.

After involving herself with the Merrick family, she is then mistakenly identified as being one of them and this puts her in danger. It’s what you got when you chose to read a book right before a major exam starts. He is cool, I guess but generally I just don’t like blond guys? There are not nearly enough books set in this awesome town.

Some were contributed by fellow readers, and a lot were written by the fantastic Recaptains team. It mostly depends on if the cover sparks his curiosity enough to find rlementals what it’s about.

I hope this was not the last time we see Becca and Chris because they are so sweet and young and innocent and i love elemenntals The Key to Everything.

Chris can control water. They all have a power of the elements. Becca is leaving her self defence class one night, when she sees a guy being beaten up by two guys.

As it happens, they need each other.