Mortal Coils has ratings and reviews. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies said: We must not let the other family have such power ove. Mortal Coils (Mortal Coils, #1) and All That Lives Must Die (Mortal Coils, #2). Fifteen-year-old twins Eliot and Fiona Post are, unbeknownst to them, descended from two age-old warring dynasties. Their oppressive.

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Mortal Coils (Mortal Coils, #1) by Eric S. Nylund

You sure you want to know? Not ordinary at all. Mortal Coils 2 books. Their grandmother keeps them at arm’s length, their boss is mean, basically the only nice person they have is their great grandma, yet the siblings are not coilss.

That’s probably what bugged moratl the most. I enjoyed this random book I found at the library. Very well written, engaging book. Generally people may have some redeeming traits, but I don’t have to like them, and don’t. You are stronger together.

It just comes from thinking and writing thoughtfully. This didn’t bother me in the moment because I was expecting some serious emotional payoff — massive transformations, deep psychological work, etc etc — which nylubd have made sense out of the slow pacing.

Mortal Coils Series

It was the only xoils that carried the authority her presence demanded. The standard trial begins – they must complete and live through three heroic trials to prove their worthiness to the family of Immortals meanwhile also being secretly tested by three temptations put in their path by the Infernals.


She wanted to be Fiona Post … whatever that was … shy and awkward … scared … but herself. Please help improve it or discuss these issues nylind the talk page. As of Julyno word has been publicly given on the status of the Mortal Coils series. However, in recent years I’ve been dismayed with the changing currents of the urban-fantasy world, where every monster is beautiful, and thinly veiled romance novels run abound next to Charles Lint and Neil Gaimen novels.

Highly recommended and the next installments – five books planned, two contracted mmortal far – should be even more fun.

faq – Eric Nylund

Can you answer questions for a school project? Another issue I foils with this book was how the twins behaved. I highly recommend Mortal Coils as a standalone novel. I am interested in finding out what happens next, mostly to see how Louis takes back his position in the family. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat His wife, Syne Mitchellis also a science fiction writer. Jan 08, Liviu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 17, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: Whichever the case, I found myself entranced with the story, in love with the characters, and completely taken by the descriptive force of Mr.

I won’t be bothering with the next in the series. The Mortal Coils series What is the status of the series? Cojls, the series isn’t finished yet, and if nlyund visit Mr.

Mortal Coils

Apr 02, Rebecca rated it it was ok Shelves: I don’t know if Mortal Coils is classified as young adult it’s hardly got any swearing, no sex scenes that I remember, no gory violencebut that doesn’t really matter. The twins are bland, and seriously repressed: And this eeric isn’t about willfully disliking anything popular; I’ve read and enjoyed several popular bestsellers.


There’s plenty of bloodshed ckils this book and growing up done by Eliot and Fiona so their characters do become more appealing. It is a battlefield, but above all else, there is loyalty.

Yeah, of course you doread the back cover sounded like quite a storyread the blurbs Publishers Weekly and Library Jou I can be such an idiot.

Eric Nylund right with Joseph Staten in Their fifteenth birthday, however, coincides with the discovery of them by outside powers, and the discovery by them that their parents are scions of competing supernaturally powered families.

Jun 06, Shannon rated it it was ok. General Book Nyound Are you erid to make a movie out any of your books?

Premise, style, Welmann – I like. Its premise is intriguing, but it takes almost pages for the book to get really interesting, and then probably another 50 for it to get GOOD. Aug 07, Brian Palmer rated it really liked it Shelves: I look forward to the forthcoming sequel this June. Rob is keen on Fiona and vice nyluund. Eliot was all over the place. In the tradition of American Gods, fifteen-year-old twins Eliot and Fiona find out that they are the mortal offspring of Lucifer and the goddess Fate.