He originated the concept of Lebensraum, or “living space,” which relates human groups to the spatial units where they develop. Though Ratzel pointed out the. in the work of Friedrich Ratzel and his formulation of the concept of Lebensraum. The paper argues that the Ratzelian Lebensraum must be viewed as a concept. The concept of Lebensraum—or “living space”—served as a critical component in Renowned German geographer Friedrich Ratzel coined the term in

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Friedrich Ratzel

Through his writings, Ratzel created a foundation for the uniquely German variant of geopolitics — geopolitik. Ratzel was one of the four children of the manager of household staff of the grand duke of Baden. This self-centered viewpoint provided justification for the expansion of Germany and the subsequent suffering those in other nations, as well as support for social Darwinist rationalization for imperialist and racist policies generally.

Since the end of the Second World War —45the term Lebensraum has used in relation to different countries throughout the world, including China [] []Egypt [] []Israel [] [] [] [] []Poland [] and the United States [].

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Until then, states with their borders were considered static, bound to a certain geographic location. Polen, Lebennsraum und Zigeuner stehen auf der gleichen unterwertigen Stufe.

Evans, The Third Reich at War: Hitler’s strategic program for world domination was based on the belief in the power of Lebensraumespecially when pursued by a racially superior society.

He received his Ph.


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These were expressed in Mein Kampfand remained fundamentally the same through the following years. Since states, in this view, function as organisms, they cannot be contained within rigid bounds, and the survival of a nation or culture is linked to its capacity for expansion.

The Baltic StatesBelarusand western Russia.

During his period in Landsberg prison where he had been incarcerated following the failure of his notorious Munich beer hall coup in Novemberhe read and discussed Ratzel’s work and other geopolitical literature provided by a Munich Professor of Geography, Karl Haushofer, and fellow-prisoner Rudolf Hess.

Despite each slogan political and racial being contradicted by the reality of such demographic facts, the nationalists’ demands for Lebensraum proved to be ideologically valid politics in Weimar Germany.

Friedrich Ratzel – Wikipedia

More About Friedrich Ratzel 4 references found in Britannica articles contribution to geography In geography: This section does not cite any sources. Popular journalists wrote articles with titles such as ‘To the East! Gatzel writings served as welcome justification for imperial expansion. Unless one is completely convinced that the foreigners whom one proposes to introduce into the German community will have a beneficial effect, well, I think it’s better to abstain, however strong the sentimental reasons may be which urge such a course on us.

London, United Kingdom, pp. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to friefrich mode requires login.

He spent six years at La Fontaine Gymnasium in Karlsruhe, before being apprenticed at the age of fifteen, to an apothecary at Eichtersheim, a village between Karlsruhe and Heidelberg. Operating under the slogan of ‘German Work’, Oberost aimed to introduce a modern form of bureaucratic, technocratic, rationalised government in an area which the German occupiers regarded as semi-barbaric.


London, — ; Die Schneedecke, besonders in deutschen Gebirgen Stuttgart, 1 ; Anthropogeographische Beitrage. Contact our editors with your feedback. The National Socialist Movement, on the contrary, will always let its foreign policy be determined by the necessity to secure the space necessary to the life of our Folk. Indeed, an important reason for his decision to invade the Soviet Union in June was his desire to acquire the Lebensraum that he had been seeking for Germany since He assumed, often correctly, that agreement of form which was independent of the nature, material, and function of an object or artifact indicated a historical connection or borrowing.

I wouldn’t have any objections at all.

Friedrich Ratzel – New World Encyclopedia

His lectures were widely attended, notably by the influential American geographer Ellen Churchill Semple. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Even the unoccupied “rump” Russia appeared—with the conclusion of the German—Soviet Supplementary Treaty, on 28 August —to be in firm, though indirect, dependency on the Reich.

Whether 10, Russian females fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interests me only insofar as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished. The conviction that this living space could be gained only in the east, and specifically from Russia, formed the core of this idea, and shaped his policy after his take-over of power in Germany in