Quality ellipsometers can detect film and surface conditions less than an. software and USB upgrades Older ellipsometer models interfaced to old computers can be upgraded to a USB. Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of.

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Step precision is better than 10 microns, with the area of coverage and points within that area easily set for automatic scanning. At 70 degrees incidence, 15 X ellippsometer micron sample areas can be measured. The stages move automatically in rapid gaertnr precise steps under programmed computer control. LGEMP Windows software is versatile and can measure single layer films such as oxides, nitrides and photoresists as well the top layer on a known 1, 2, or 3 layer stack such as poly on oxide and oxide on poly on oxide.

Calibration Standards for Ellipsometers. Measures complete state of polarization useful for rough, scattering samples.

The white lines is a region of Autofix Nf1 where the index cannot be easily resolved. Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of thin transparent and semi transparent films to sub-angstrom precision.

Any two gaeetner the 14 variables can be selected for calculation in a 4-layer film stack. Up to mm geartner standard. Capability to permit the entry of previously measured “psi” and “delta” the raw ellipsometric data for calculation of thickness using different setups or modeling schemes.

For a given arrangement of four detectors, A can either be computed or determined by calibration. At 50 degrees incidence the measured area is 15 X 35 microns. The LGEMP can be used with a manual nulling ellipsometer such as the model L, and it is also available for our 2 and 3 wavelength ellipsometers models. Stokes Ellipsometers comply with European safety directives and carry the CE mark. Measurement time is gaedtner that one second per point including stage travel.


Typical lifetime is greater than 3 years.

Gaertner Scientific Corporation – Ellipsometers – Software and Upgrades

Similar wafers ellipsomwter automatically scanned with a single mouse click. Accurate, stable measurements using spectrally precise laser source. Measurement site remains the same at any angle of incidence with no need for sample readjustment. Used to change the azimute of the linear polarization for certain in-line transmission measurements of transparent materials.

The laser light source has ample light intensity for increased measurement accuracy of absorbing and taertner scattering films. Our LMOD Windows modeling software permits the simultaneous computation of film thickness, index and adsorption values in a single, two, three or four layer film stack.

Gaertner Scientific LSE-WS Stokes WaferSkan Ellipsometer

The aqua color lines are lines of constant film refractive index Nf1. Simple, compact tabletop instrument – competitively priced. Built-in axis of rotation of incident arms is in the sample plane. In addition, ellipsometric measurements are insensitive to intensity fluctuations of the source, temperature drifts of electronic components, and macroscopic roughness which can be a serious problem in reflectometry but not in ellipsometry, for which absolute intensity measurements are not required.

M ost users will not require ellipsometer recalibration. When measuring similar wafers, tilt-free, focus-free operation is the obvious benefit. These instruments are factory refurbished and sold with a full 1 year warranty.

Fastest possible instrument for thin film measurement. This permits fast, uninterrupted scanning over the entire wafer surface without the need to pause to correct gaertnner focus and tilt. From thin gate oxides only tens of angstroms thick to thick polyimides and photoresists Gaertner has earned a reputation for providing precise, reliable results.

  AFI 31-401 PDF

It can also be used with our 2 and 3 wavelength ellipsometer models.

Simple, compact tabletop instrument – competitively priced. Advanced StokesMeter determines the complete measuring beam polarization using no moving parts and no modulators, only 4 stationary silicon detectors so measurements are stable and exact.

The aqua color lines are lines of constant film refractive index Nf1. Selective display and storage of measured data.

Gaertner L117 Ellipsometer

When extinction is achieved takes a few minutesthe polarizer and analyzer circles are read. Manually adjusted tilt and table height using computer alignment screen.

New modeling software permits multiparameter measurements utilizing the manually selectable angles of incidence. Sub-Angstrom over most gaerfner the measurement range.

Single Layer films such as oxides, nitrides and photoresists can be measured to sub-angstrom precision.

The film can be transparent or absorbing in a medium of transparent solid, liquid, gas or vacuum. This results ellpisometer a fast, precise, stable no moving parts ellipsometer. Two, three and four layer films, with know bottom layers such as poly on oxide and oxide on poly on oxide can be measured for the thickness and refractive index of the top layer or for both thicknesses.