Sufiah’s story seems to have been the inspiration for Nikita Lalwani’s first novel, “ Gifted.” Here the driven father, Mahesh, is a mathematician. The over-arching theme of this first novel by Nikita Lalwani, who was born in India but raised in Wales, is about families and what they do to. Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old. She’s figured that the likelihood of her walking home from school with the boy .

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Shreene longs for her native country and feels betrayed and misled by her husband who was vague about jikita possible return. Her weekends are “timetabled to the maximum, the days compartmentalized into breaks and study like the black and white keys on a piano. The little girl and parental expectations. I found it to lack even a semblance of a sense of humor. I see many parents in my job and wonder are any of them pushing and cajoling their children this hard. May 16, Samiksha rated it liked it.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. If you want an insight into an Indian ‘immigrant’ family’s lalwank of living, this is an enjoyable and frustrating read. Despite these criticisms, there was a lot about the book that made me think and question, and it was the kind of novel I really wish I had someone to discuss with, but it’s not exactly a NYT bestseller here, so I guess I’ll just have to wonder An Indian academic immigrant to England has a daughter gifted in mathematics.

Four years later, a teenage Llalwani is at the center of an intense campaign by her parents to make her the youngest student ever to attend Oxford University, an effort that requires an unrelenting routine of study. How might a bag of something be divided amongst 7 bags? I thought that was a very bold move.

Gifted Reader’s Guide

So many questions none answered. He becomes a “Tiger Dad” as he pushes her to get admitted to Oxford by the time she is Rumi, daughter of Indian immigrants in s Wales, is a gifted child. I was looking forward to a story about a maths genius, but Rumi’s awkwardness merely engendered pity and not camaraderie or desired association.


Her mother’s longings for her to pick up her heritage and become a wife in India was one of the many problems Rumika faces in this book. Hardcoverpages. This is the debut novel of Nikita Lalwani, and if it is any indication, there will be many more to come.

With this book especially, I think there are themes that are very adult, and I’m not sure how interesting it would be to that audience. Looking for More Great Reads?

I wanted to read a more trashy, gossipy, scandalous thing where the parents get raked through the coals, arrests are made, the girl turns into a drug addict and gets pregnant, just more more more drama drama drama.

Instead, I can merely commend the cover artwork. What was it supposed to be? Above all, it has a wonderfully bittersweet charm and for that reason Desmond Elliot Gifted recently received the Desmond Elliot Prize, and the Chair of Judges said: Her parents begin an intense regimen for their daughter with the ultimate goal for her to be the youngest student ever to go to Oxford University.

Mahesh is determined to distinguish himself and his family in their adoptive country. I was expecting something completely different from what the book was actually about. To ask other readers questions about Giftedplease sign up. Mahesh has nothing but his daughter’s best interests in mind, no matter how misguided his method. However, I loved the ending and found the ending left closure. Did the Booker Jury recognize this book as something special because it was about Indians and not Caucasians?

Aug 19, Pages. Very moving and emotive account of a young Indian girl in the UK who is hothoused to achieve academic greatness while at the same time cracking up under familial pressure while desperately just wanting to fit in with her peers. Her laleani, an Indian emigree, thoroughly endorses strict discipline for bringing her genius to total fruition. As her father outlines ever more regimented niita schedules, her mother longs for India and forcefully reminds Rumi of her roots.


Rumi is a gifted child, and her father, Mahesh, believe Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old. I remember our family was friends with another Asian family in a nearby town and their son actually was some kind of genius.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Deftly pondering the complexities and consequences that accompany the best intentions, Gifted explores just how far one person will push another, and how much can be endured, in the name of love. Teens, Young Adults, anyone interested in Ethnic literature.

It is refreshing to read about an Asian father who is not an autocratic, woman-hating brute, who takes pride in not belonging to the uneducated hordes who left the villages of Pakistan, nokita into the dark spaces of Britain I really don’t think it’s fair to have your reader put the book down and Google something every 10 minutes.

Mahesh’s ambitions for his daughter lead him to organise special tuition to develop her remarkable talents.

giifted He wanted to know if he could narrow the margins of his summer homework by a quarter of an inch because his answers were running long. A novel about a gifted girl with driven parents. Lalwsni think this book was truly an outstanding book that shows the story of a girl trying to do her own thing rather than what her parents expect of her.

Her mother who until then was crazy, overwrought and belonged in an asylum.

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani

And I think the relationship dynamic between the husband and wife had such potential for the story but was neglected. Most of my love of math as a child was quite simple and tricky really.

Would this gifte been the same book if Rumi was not from India?