3. Dez. „Das Ziel meiner innigsten Sehnsucht, deren Qual mein ganzes Inneres erfüllte, war Italien, dessen Bild und Gleichnis mir viele Jahre. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. 1. Nov. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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If death is universal, the possibility of paradise might be universal too. Photos unserer Leser zu Goethe, Schiller und den Zeitgenossen. Villa Almerico Capra La Rotonda He wrote many letters to a number of friends in Germany, which he later used as the basis for Italian Journey.

Aber eben diese Heimat wird ihm zum Exil, die Fremde zur verlorenen Heimat. Zur Farbenlehre in essays. Eventually, our friend manages to sweet-talk his way out of trouble, but for a few moments it seemed as if he might have been thrown in prison to rot.

Tom — Well, I could read what an expert in the field has to say, or I could just make it up myself. The man secretly exiting the German town is none other than Johann Wolfgang von Goetheone of the greatest writers of all time, and the reason for goehhes moonlit flight is his desire to fulfil a long-awaited voyage of discovery. He eventually gets home almost two years after leaving, a truly life-changing experience: It had to be something of a fairy-tale, since it was written between thirty and more than forty years after the journey, in and Italirnreise Journey initially takes the form of a diary, with events and descriptions written up apparently quite soon after they were experienced.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

German Literature Month VI: During the journey, the two later separated due to their “incompatible” interests. While sketching ruins near the start of his journey, the writer is surrounded by some suspicious locals, and when he attempts to clear the air in his usual good-humoured way, one of the officials present is less than convinced:.


Goethe was a polymath of the highest order, and while I shared his enthusiasm in many areas, he often failed to pull me along on his outings. Each leg of the journey produces more work, with the writer creating new operas or polishing drafts of plays e. The book is based on Goethe’s diaries. In his journal, Goethe shows a marked interest in the geology of Europe’s southern regions. After four months in the capital, he then heads down to Naples and across to Sicily, before returning to Rome for a longer sojourn.

Goethe und sein Freundeskreis. Sizilianische Bucht Handzeichnung Goethes Goethes Allianz mit Schiller. Denn es geht, man darf wohl sagen, ein neues Leben an, wenn man das Ganze mit Augen sieht, das man teilweise in- und auswendig kennt.

Goethes italienische Reise

For Goethe, Italy was the warm passionate south as opposed to the dank cautious north; the place where the classical past was still alive, although in ruins; a sequence of landscapes, colours, trees, manners, cities, monuments he had so far seen only in his writing.

Like Liked by 1 person. He demonstrates a depth and breadth of knowledge in each subject.

Studium in Leipzig und Frankfurter Rekonvaleszenz. One of the joys of reading Italienische Reise is the insights it provides into the world of Goethe the person.

Tischbein painted one of the most famous portraits of Goethe, Goethe in the Roman Campagnaand accompanied him to Naples. It takes goeths form of a series of extended letters to mostly unnamed friends back in the north, with the third section featuring a variety of letters, summaries and diary entries. Seriously, he was obsessed.

Kapitel 3 des Buches: Italienische Reise von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Projekt Gutenberg

Sie befinden sich hier: He wanted to know that what he thought might be paradise actually existed, even if it wasn’t entirely paradise, and even if he didn’t in the end want to stay there. Later, he again causes locals to be on their guard when he and his companions go out of their way to examine some ancient buildings. Nachfolger wird Friedrich Wilhelm II.


Als die vom Herzog geschickte Kutsche, die ihn nach Weimar abholen sollte, nicht eintreffen wollte, machte er sich Ende Oktober schon kurzentschlossen auf den Weg in das Gelobte Land. Rome was full of remains, but too much was gone.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Goethe stayed almost three months in Romewhich he described as “the First City of the World”. The Poet and the Agevolume 1. Auch ich in Arkadien. Apart from the impetus to study the Mediterranean’s natural qualities, he was first and foremost interested in the remains of classical antiquity and in contemporary art.

Outside the cities, hotels and inns are few and far between, and he often finds himself sleeping with the horses in the stables…. Goethe drew the castle on September 14, “: J a, ich bin endlich in dieser Hauptstadt der Welt angelangt!

This site uses cookies. April vor uns. Der “Abschied aus Rom” ist Goethe tief zu Herzen gegangen. Goethe in Rom C. One may write or paint as much as one likes, but this place, the shore, the gulf, Vesuvius, the citadels, the villas, everything, defies description.

Projekt Gutenberg-DE

Italian Journey is not only giethes description of places, persons and things, but also a psychological document of the first importance.

In addition to his brushes with the law, he had an unhealthy fascination with volcanoes, getting a little too close for comfort on more than one occasion including a memorable scene where he makes a dash for the top of Vesuvius between mini eruptions…. He needed to fill the names with meaning and, as he rather strangely put it, “to discover ggoethes in the objects I see”, literally “to learn to know myself by or through the objects”.

He also undertakes several dangerous hikes to the summit gofthes Mount Vesuviuswhere he catalogues the nature and qualities of various lava flows and tephra.