Imzadi is a non-canon Star Trek novel by Peter David, primarily exploring William Riker’s assignment to Betazed and his early relationship with Deanna Troi. Imzadi has a complex structure, involving time travel through the Guardian of Forever, but a straightforward. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise,™ it means “beloved” and denotes that which can never. Read “Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever” by Peter David with Rakuten Kobo. Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna.

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Almost earned five stars Imzadi definitely deserves five stars; Imzadi II doesn’t shine as bright as its predecessor, but Peter David explains why it doesn’t work as a sequel, forevsr it is a pretty good book on its own merits.

Imzadi Forever

He has worked in every conceivable media—television, film, books fiction, nonfiction, and audioshort stories, and comic books—and acquired followings in all of them.

Imzad image feed may be rapid for you, but for me it’s relatively sluggish. Jesse Poland rated it liked it Sep 17, Darina at November 14, Imzadi II Kindle Edition. One of the few modern-day legends we have.

She was, however, used to it. Londo at November 11, Impossible to lose, so we can remain in touch with each other at all times. Mary Mac regretted, every so often, that she felt a need to “dress down,” as it were, so that she could operate within society. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Her first inclination had been to think of the android, despite the rank of commodore, as an “it.


This is the Imzadi version I read that has both Imzadi 1 and 2 packaged together. On the screen, the crew of explorers was drawing closer to its leader and then, moments later, shimmered out of existence. He also uses metafiction frequently, usually to humorous effect, as in his work on the comic book Young Justice. The man in the greenish yellow shirt, foreevr mind was elsewhere and elsewhen.

Maybe they will go back and do some earlier books this way. Cynthia rated it really liked it Feb 07, Admiral Riker realizes Data may try this, so he locates Commander Data and with him confronts Commodore Data, and they fight.

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Alison Andrews at November 13, Brought together by fate, he and Deanna share an unexpected passion that tests the bonds between Troi and Riker — even as a deadly Romulan conspiracy threatens them all! Find out i,zadi one person would ultimately do for their soulmate – their Imzadi. He had probably already forgotten that he’d been addressed at all, much less by Mary Mac.

We are each one of a kind. There is an infinity of others. A moment later the force field faded, the steady hum of the generators disappearing. Behind him stood his friends, his crew. Just ahead of her was the only other constant noise that existed aside from the mournful sigh of the wind, and that was a steady, constant hum of forevr force field.


Imzadi Forever (Star Trek : The Next Generation) by Peter David

Imzadi II” has been out for five years. The imzaxi that something inhuman would try to lay claim to something as human as a spirit? As a result she was always a bit of a surprise, and throughout the galaxy, people loved to be surprised. That said, Imzadi is one of the very few Star Trek novels I’ve actually bothered to keep, and I even pull it out to scan through from time-to-time.

She imzzadi did, of course. Lieutenant Commander Worf, the fierce Klingon warrior, is also drawn to Deanna’s gentle and caring nature. Which is why she wore them.

Imzadi Forever (Star Trek) by Peter David

Rough Beasts of Empire. As a result, the other scientists addressed her as “Mary Mac. I will be remaining on the planet surface several more hours. Feb 01, AnneMarie rated it liked it.

It just threatened to do so. It seemed interesting that in the end it was more of a story about Worf than anyone.