Contribuições da teoria das inteligências múltiplas para a avaliação da produção de aprendizes em cursos de formação de tradutores. 3 fev. Transcript of A TEORIA DAS MÚLTIPLAS INTELIGÊNCIAS E SUA POSSÍVEL CONTRIBU. 1º ENCONTRO (4 horas) Primeiras aproximações. INTELIGÊNCIAS MÚLTIPLAS AS INTELIGÊNCIAS SÃO 1) Lingüistica 2) Musical 3) Lógico – Matemática 4) Espacial 5) Corporal – Cinestésica.

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Data have been collected in classes of undergraduate students of technical translation at PUC’s translator training program; some evaluation strategies are currently being tested and analyzed. Looking to naturalist linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences could help enhance their practice. It has been embraced by a range of educational theorists and, significantly, applied by teachers and policymakers to the problems of schooling.

In turn, this reflection has led many educators to develop new approaches that might better meet the needs of the range of learners in their classrooms. Quality assessment in school vs.

That helped set me on the course of investigating human nature, particularly how human beings intelitencias. An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do… Ultimately, we must synthesize our understandings for ourselves. Peer correction, self- and portfolio evaluation are becoming common in even the most traditional university settings.

Inteligências múltiplas by Jackson de Jesus on Prezi

Ingeligencias to the ATA, the certification examination tests the language skills my italics of a professional translator, which comprises: Project Zero provided an environment in which Howard Gardner could begin to explore his interest in human cognition.

Oral and written languages, for example, are the symbolic system of the linguistic competence, a role played by computer languages in the case of logical-mathematical competence ARMSTRONG,p. Thus, an explicit concern with spiritual or religious matters would be one variety — often the most important variety — of intelogencias existential intelligence.


For example, it is not as easy to insert, delete or reshuffle words, phrases, or even paragraphs, so they must think their choices through before writing them.

Candidates must choose three out of five word texts to translate: He proceeded in a very different direction to the dominant discourses associated with Piaget and with muliplas testing. Acting on a value system which maintains that diverse students can learn and succeed, that learning is exciting, and that hard work by teachers is necessary. He advises that if we expect our assessments, marks and evaluations to provide valuable information about students’ learning progress to teachers, future employers and the students themselves, then our assessments i.

Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education

Finally, if any candidates used computers, the issue of exam security would require the certification program to change passages much more often. Chinese clues to the dilemma of contemporary educationMultpilas York: Indeed, Howard Gardner himself has admitted that there is an element of subjective judgement involved.

This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking. Spatial intelligence involves the potential to recognize and use the patterns of wide space and more confined areas. A number of schools in North America have looked to structure curricula according to the intelligences, and to design classrooms and even whole schools to reflect the understandings that Howard Gardner develops.

Teaching translation and interpreting 3. Howard Gardner appears to have embraced the opportunities there ,ultiplas and to have elicited the support and interest of some very able teachers. Among these are that:.

| Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education

Howard Gardner himself has not pursued this approach because of a more general worry with such testing — that it leads to labelling and stigmatization. Teaching translation and interpreting 2. The fulfilment of key roles certainly requires a range of human intelligences — including personal, linguistic, logical and perhaps existential — but it is fundamentally a statement about the kind of person that has developed to be. Logical-mathematical intelligence consists of the capacity to analyze problems inteigencias, carry out mathematical operations, and investigate issues scientifically.


They can still point to a substantial tradition of research that demonstrates correlation between different abilities and argue inetligencias the existence of a general intelligence factor.

The theory of multiple intelligences: So it is, that Howard Gardner has added an eighth intelligence — naturalist intelligence — to his list. On the basis of the argument that “there is persuasive evidence for the existence of several relatively autonomous human intellectual competences” GARDNER,p.

Psychological and educational considerations, Cambridge: And powerful constraints that exist in the mind can be mobilized to introduce a particular concept or whole system of thinking in a way that children are most likely to learn it and least likely to distort it. Gardner’s theory challenges “the classical view of intelligence that most of us have absorbed explicitly from psychology or education texts or implicitly by living in a culture with a strong but possibly circumscribed view of intelligence ” GARDNER,p.

The opportunities for risky physical activity were limited, and creative and intellectual pursuits encouraged.

It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones, and rhythms. A few years ago, Don Kiralyp.