JIS G Hot-rolled mild steel plates, sheet and strip. SPHC max. max. max. max. min. 27min. 29min. 29min. 29min. 31min. 31min. Drawing. SPHD max. max. max. max. Code of type. Applicable thickness (mm). Applications. JIS G Hot-rolled soft steel sheet/strip. SPHC. or more, but no more than General use. SPHD.

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Chemical composition of JIS G 7.

JIS G 3131 – 2010

Please refer following information: JIS C Test m The most recent editions of the standards jls amendments indicated below shall be applied.

In case of dispute, however only the result obtained on a proportional test piece will be valid for material 3 mm and over on thickness. It is not allowed to apply only a part of this Annex instead of the requirements specified in this text. The portions with continuous sidelines or dotted underlines are the matters in which the content of the corresponding International Standard has been modified. The standards cited in this Standard are given in Attached Table 1.

Mechanical properties The steel sheet and coil shall be tested in accordance with 7. As for the squareness of cut-edge steel sheet, the following method using the diagonal line may be applied. With this respect, g3113 on length for the steel sheet and those on width for the g31131 steel sheet shall, unless otherwise specified, jjis in accordance with the tolerance A of JIS G Steel sheets and strips de scaled by acid pickling or shot-blasting shall be oiled.


JIS G3131 Grade SPHC commercial quality

JIS has js “for drawing” to “for processing”. Sam pIing frequency of the tensile test piece is specified. Appearance The appearance of the steel sheet and coil shall conform to 6. A part of them is presented as given in Informative reference Table 1, accordingly.

JIS G 热轧低碳钢板、薄板和钢带 英文版_图文_百度文库

Hi there, could you advise on the silicon content percentage of ? The relationship between each elongation value and the conversion factor is as follows: In JIS, a part of items are deleted. The appearance is specified. Steel sheets and strips as rolled shall not be oiled. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The steel sheet and coil from which the scale has been removed after the hot-rolling operation by picking or grit blasting may be shipped on request by the purchaser. Hot-rolled mild plates, sheets and strips intended for general fabricating purposes and drawing are y3131. Appearance of JIS G 7.


The steel sheets which are not bundled shall be marked for each sheet. Scope The Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the hot-rolled jls steel plates, sheets and strip hereafter referred to as “steel sheet and coil” intended for general fabrication purposes and drawing.

The tolerances on thickness of the steel sheet which is not manufactured from the steel coil may be agreed between the purchaser jiw supplier.

JIS C Non-or Errata will be provided upon request, please contact: The corresponding International Standard of this Standard is given in the following: Hot-rolled sheet 3 mm and over is thickness in commonly known as either “sheet” or “plate”. Hot Rolling of Wide St Maximum percentage of Carbon C is 0.


The minimum percentage ranges for elongation is from 27 to 31 percent starting from 1. The roller does not only decrease the thickness of the sheets but also changes the grain structure of the steels. V Justification for the technical deviation and future measures Tensile strength, elongation and bendability are specified. It is required to specify the inside diameter, the maximum outside diameter and the maximum mass g31311 the coil. In JIS, the number of the gg3131 can be replaced by the symbol of grade.

When a material grade is specified as hot rolled steel, it means it has been subjected to a manipulative process of hot rolling in which a metal bar is passed through high tension rollers above the re-crystallization temperature of the input metallic g31131.

However the width of SPHC material ranges to mm. In the case, the report shall be in accordance with the requirements of clause 13 in JIS G However, JIS G For the steel sheet and strip under 40 mm in width, measurement shall be made at the mid-width thereof.

The steel sheets which are not bundled shall be marked for each sheet. With this respects, the sampling method of specimen shall conform to Class A, and the number of test pieces and the sampling position shall be as following: In the case of bend test, it shall bent without crack on the v3131 of the bent portion.