Whenever they pray they add Olorun Joseph Ayo Babalola. That is how much he is reverred by CAC adherents. This is one of the things that got us curious in. JABU, a private University in Nigeria to provide teaching, research and service that would encourage learning and stimulate academic exchange nationally and . Joseph Ayo Babalola was born on April 25, in Odo-Owa, Oke-Ero LGA, Kwara State to Pa David Rotimi and Madam Marta Talabi who belonged to the.

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At least, a pass in Mathematics is required.

Joseph Ayo Babalola – Wikipedia

He was specifically instructed by God to heal the sick through water which he prayed into. During one of his prayer sessions an angel appeared to him and gave him a big yam which he ordered him to eat. He was sentenced to jail for six months in Benin City in March joweph On arrival at Accra, he was recognized by some people who had seen him at the Great Revival in Ilesa. Prayer is one of his hobbies and in any town he josepb himself, he look for a wildness or mountain to prayer.

He introduced Prophet Babalola to Pastor D. Babalola was brought up as an Ao. Despite these disappointing relationships with foreign groups, the Nigerian Faith Tabernacle still considered it prestigious to seek affiliation with a foreign body.

The Lord said I should rub my face with ashes and to carry palm leaves in my hand and to buy a bell, which I was to be ringing the moment I entered the town and I obeyed. Why those who accepted him God as there personal saviour shall be babalopa forever and ever.

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Balogun, Islamic Publication Bureau, Omi Iye, Iye, Iye, re o. He was credited with healing powers. In defense against the prophesied invasion of the town by wild beasts the people of the town armed themselves with Guns and Cutlasses. He further revealed that God had granted unto him the power to deliver those who were possessed of evil spirits in the world.

Insurance College Admission Requirements: Fatokun ,”The Apostolic Church Babapola Joseph Ayodele Babalola while in Yagba, performed mighty works of healing. The missionaries also visited other towns in the present Ondo State.

He was credited with healing powers. The mission churches allegedly became jealous and hostile especially as their members constituted the main converts of the Faith Tabernacle. It was popularly held in Christ Apostolic Church C. His first encounter with God after hearing his voice, was when the angel of the Lord told him to enter his house the voice called babbalola him again telling him to fast for six days and pray times which he faithfully did as he slept that night, an angel entered into his room like lightning and began to talk to him.

No greater revival preceded that of Babalola. Certain members of this church received the gift of the Holy Spirit as Babalola was preaching to them and were baptized. Josehp Omoboriola Printers, n. While those who deceitful accept him as there savior with rust away. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

While he was at Odo-Owa, a warrant for his arrest was issued from Ilorin. The spectacular evangelism by Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola brought with it a wave of persecution to all who rushed into the new faith.

Ay this event, news of the revival at Efon spread to other parts of Ekitiland [23]. However, it was said that a few days later, there was an outbreak of smallpox in the town. He was sentenced to jail for six months in Benin City in March According to him the use of Bell Josepg is said to be used to call Angels of God down during a prayer gathering.


On arrival at Accra, he was recognised by xyo people who had seen him at the Great Revival in Ilesa. On that same day I entered the town with a bell in my hand. Odubanjo testified that within three weeks Babalola had cured about one hundred lepers, sixty blind people and fifty lame persons [17].

Members of the church made fantastic claims such as: The dumb spoke and babaloal were cured. College of Post-Graduate studies is currently admitting students into the College.

He was to arrive in the town on a Market day, cover his body with palm fronds, and disfigure himself with charcoal paints. The climax came one day when he was, as usual, working on the Ilesa-Igbara-Oke road.

Joseph Ayo Babalola

The same voice came to Joseph a second time asking him to fast for seven days. What followed this in three weeks was the healing of about lepers, 60 blind people and 50 lame persons. Some of this article’s listed sources may not be reliable. He was to arrive in the town on a market day, cover his body with palm fronds and disfigure himself with charcoal paints. Microbiology, Agricultural Science is acceptable in lieu of Biology.