Joseph Kosuth an American conceptual artist, lives in New York and London, after having . His seminal text ‘Art after Philosophy’, written in , had a major impact on the thinking about art at the time and has been seen since as a kind. 3. Art after Philosophy’. Joseph Kosuth. The fact that it has recently become fashionable for physicists themselves to be sympa~ theeic towards religion marks. Joseph Kosuth’s writings, like his installations, assert that art begins where mere physicality ends. The articles, statements, and interviews collected here.

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Marcos Manuel rated it really liked it Apr 08, A few examples will point this out.

At the School of Visual Arts he made a significant impact while technically a student, influencing fellow students as well as more traditional teachers there at the time such as Mel Bochner. Kosuth belongs to a broadly international generation of conceptual artists that began to emerge in the mids, stripping art of personal emotion, reducing it to nearly pure information or idea and greatly philpsophy down the art object.

Art After Philosophy and After: Collected Writings, by Joseph Kosuth

Perhaps this can be answered by looking into the difference between our time and the centuries preceding us. One is then accepting the nature of art to be the European tradition of a painting-sculpture dichotomy.

Whether a geometry can be applied to the actual physical world or not, is an empirical question which falls outside the scope of geometry itself. The meaning is the use. Only recently did I realize [sic] after meeting Terry Atkinson that he and Michael Baldwin share similar, though certainly not identical, views to my own.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Often in fact, the closeness between science and philosophy was so great that scientists and philosophers were one and the same person.


Art After Philosophy and After: Collected Writings, 1966-1990

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of We have the cinema, and color television, as well jooseph the man-made spectacle of the lights of Las Vegas or the skyscrapers of New York City. Art is not what is not art.

However, the fact that Art After Philosophy does not reduce the term to an isolated state effectively means that the word retains its ability to exist as an idea of art as well as within a specific object or example.

The significance of the mechanics of this is paramount. Collected Writings, by Joseph Kosuth.

The Philosophy of Art after ‘Art After Philosophy’ « Ruth Barker

They are linguistic in character because they express definitions of art. The criterion by which we determine the validity of an a priori or analytical proposition is not sufficient to determine the validity of an empirical or synthetic proposition. Art After Philosophy and After: Certainly the monumental popularity of colour television and the increasing importance of the media in general was delivering spectacle on a daily basis, but it was also delivering images of horror in a way which was very accessible.

Thus there is no final proposition. Traditional philosophy, almost by definition, has concerned itself with the unsaid. The fact that it has recently become fashionable for physicists themselves to be sympathetic toward religion. Art After Philosophy and After: By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

If you make paintings you are already accepting not questioning the nature of art.

Inigo Pastrana rated it it was amazing May 22, Another way of stating, in relation to art, what Ayer asserted about the analytic method in the context of language would be the following: To take the following statement as an example of this: Anne rated it liked it Mar 09, We see now that the axioms of a geometry are simply definitions, and that the theorems of a geometry are simply the logical consequences of these definitions. He has no idea about philosophg. I arrived at these conclusions alone, and indeed, it is from this thinking that my art since if not before evolved.


Art After Philosophy and After Collected Writings, reveals between the lines a definition of “art” of which Joseph Kosuth meant to assure us.

To repeat and expand upon quote b: Kate rated it liked it Mar 16, That is to say, once we have ohilosophy the axioms a physical interpretation, we can proceed to apply the theorems to the objects which satisfy the axioms.

It is in this context that art shares similarities with logic, mathematics, and, as well, science.

Thus, as Ayer has stated:. The works in this series took the form of photostat reproductions of dictionary definitions [10] of words such as “water”, “meaning”, and “idea”. He found that he was, as he put it: The difference phiilosophy all the various uses of the box or cube form is directly related to the differences in the intentions of the artists.

Art After Philosophy and After : Collected Writings, 1966-90

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Thus, as Ayer has stated: The validity of artistic propositions is not dependent on any empirical, much less any aesthetic, presupposition about the nature of things.

Description Joseph Kosuth’s writings, like his installations, assert that art begins where mere physicality ends. His analysis had a major impact on his practice as an artist and, soon after, on that of others. The current location of Modernist criticism began to seem far from the disinterested objective standpoint it had professed, as Kosuth claims of the critic Clement Greenberg:.