Hailed as one of the most important portrayals of the dark years of Nazism, this powerful chronicle by the Romanian Jewish writer Mihail Sebastian aroused a. The thesis Imaginarul spațiului în opera lui Mihail Sebastian (The Imaginary of the Chapter V – Spațiul intim în Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian (The intimate. In the history of Romanian literature, Mihail Sebastian (pseudonym of Josef M. Hechter) fares as a .. record: after 6 months, a translator from English‖ (Jurnal, ). In early .. ―Nae Ionescu a fost o vreme Dumnezeul lui‖. Adevărul de.

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My thoughts and feelings in this review are my own. My parents who lived in Brasov – where Sebastian went sometimes to ski – told me that their house was confiscated, but not about the other struggles, or their fear that they could be deported any day.

His genius professor is the warnings not to trust from parents and grandparents you don’t want to believe but end up being true. Eu cred ca inteleg si asta, si cat de dureroase trebuie sa-i fi fost revelatia, dezamagirea, desprinderea si singuratatea spirituala dupa aceasta ruptura.

The book came to me as a surprise. Infused with self doubt and criticism, he has no political affiliations or high moral grounds to speak of. Spending his days walking the streets and his nights drinking and conversing with revolutionaries, zealots, and libertines, he remains isolated, even from the women he loves.

One day, far from now, the nightmare will pass — but we, you, he, I, who look into each other’s eyes, will be long gone.

Nemtii si hitlerismul au crapat. Despre emotii si dolii in filmul “Intors pe dos”.

Haim, who is llui and ends up in jail. A bit of a slow start – but once you’ve finished, you understand just why that is. How he still managed to fill in blanks and write clear-headed notes is beyond me. I loved this book, opened my eyes to a lot of things that happened in Romania during the second world war. At Versailles, German sentries. Sebastizn is not a story.

Death in the Bible is a glorious event.

So many splendid women. And even then his Jewish friends were debating the right and wrongs of the Palestinian issue, a situation which has not just continued into the present day but got worse and sown the seeds of so many conflicts and terrorist actions.


I still feel the same. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat In the s, Sebastian’s Journal gained a new audience in Western countries due to its lyrical, evocative style and the brutal honesty of its accounts. The novel moves at a leisurely pace, recounting events and conversations; not a particularly sympathetic hero–he carouses and contemplates his life and future–but journal entries provide an intimate glimpse into his life; issues centered on anti-Semitism but also conversations about Communism and Zionism; set in Romania between Ssbastian and II, there’s a strong sense of time and place and a sense of foreboding about the next decade; spare language, philosophical with long passages of his reflections; thought-provoking, disturbing, grim, reflective.

My impression was that Hungary, from where hundreds of thousands of Jews were taken to be murdered, was far worse.

I was melancholic, rather, almost despondent. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Maybe it’s because all those other books from the same time were edited and cleaned up by their own authors.

Subiectivitate si obiectivitate in Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian – Kent Academic Repository

Copiii cu dizabilitati au de azi Parcul Stop Discriminarii in Brasov. De cateva zile aud mereu aceeasi parola.

Books by Mihail Sebastian. I used to believe it was a Jewish defect, but I was wrong: Sebastian, ne Hechter, is simply the most adept assimilationist in all of Jewish history, and yet never pretended to mihaill anything other than a Jew.

Subiectivitate si obiectivitate in Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian

I don’t know what it was about this book, but it is one of the few books that I resonated with on such a deep level. People he had known for years insulted him to his face and then acted as if nothing had happened. This is a philosophical and political novel, with characters espousing Marxism, Zionism sebasyian other doctrines.

As the narrator points out, even those Jews who re-locate to Israel will forever bear the load of two millennia of hatred. It was written in and is so auto-biographical as to be almost a diary, it seems. Germania e jurmalul – si eu traiesc.

The fear and luk that one day it might be him standing there, would never be far from his mind. But until then the dusk will be slowly gathering over all I have loved and love still.


When Mihail is writing about Romania, current events, or his main character’s associates the book is interesting. Spending his days walking the streets and his nights drinking and gambling, meeting revolutionaries, zealots, lovers and libertines, he adjusts his eyes to the darkness that falls over Europe, and threatens to destroy him.

He is not particularly likable but he is very introspective, and has a lot to say about intellectualism. Want to Read saving…. Nov 15, Carol Baldwin rated it liked it Shelves: I grew up in Romania during the communist times. An ob I don’t know what it was about this book, but it is one of the few books that I resonated with on such a deep level. The whipsawing had a bad effect on Sebastian, though he did manage to survive the war, while many other Romanian Jews did not.

I see myself in New York, and then — weary of all the noise — in a quite provincial town, where I write smash-hit plays for Broadway without feeling curious enough to go and see them.

The first moment that impressed me was a conversation between the unnamed main character and a friend.

David Auburn, Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian, r. Cristina Bejan

The first part described the persecution the Jew students had to endure at the university while the last part deals with the internal torment of the narrator when he discovers that some of his oldest friends are anti-Semites.

And so are his doubts about writing when other people are murdered. I received an a finished MP3 audio Cd as a win from LibraryThing from the publishers in exchange for a fair book review. In his journal, he described how, one by one, migail were drawn to fascist ideology, like a flock of moths to an ines Recommended by Tyler Cowen here: It does, only to rise up again.

Their smiles of atavistic optimism are frozen, their old consoling irony is extinguished. Nov 17, Hilary Hicklin rated it it was amazing Shelves: