: NComputing L Ethernet Virtual Desktop with vSpace: Electronics. Choose Connection for Ncomputing Thin Client Hardware. Buy a Ncomputing L Ethernet Virtual Desktop Device and get great service and fast delivery. NComputing vSpace software EULA and the applicable Microsoft Software License Agreement or . Keyboard and mouse (PS/2 for L/L or USB for L).

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Our colleagues are able to work outside company walls with the same programs and data they work with onsite. VATwith discounts available for bulk orders. The L-series is a zero management ncompting. Launched in April, the NComputing L is a zero-footprint thin-client for small and medium-sized deployments.

We are known and recognized in the specialty industrial electronics field both in Hungary and in Western Europe. With the ability to connect up to L user sessions to a single NComputing vSpace server, the combi At last, our offices are no nco,puting loud places, something that had disturbed employees in the past.

The L-series is a game-changing virtual desktop client device.

We were looking for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solution. I think this is definitely the future. You wouldn’t have the benefit of a connection broker, but this kind of setup might be a good way to support a handful of people who use apps that don’t work in a Terminal Services environment. I requested pricing information on similar solutions from many companies, but none of them were nearly as advantageous as the terms offered by NComputing.

A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. Our information technology system completed this audit with no error points! NComputing expects to release ll300 firmware update for the L later this year that includes a VMware View client.


MACHER puts vSpace and the L to the test. | NComputing

However, this configuration doesn’t ncommputing to the L strengths of ncompuring acquisition and maintenance costs, and simple server setup for Terminal Services-style apps. Whether you need four workstations in a remote branch office or four thousand for a corporate campus, the L-series is deployed easily and quickly using vSpace management tools.

For example, we could expand hierarchies such as Hardware Settings to get a list of client devices, and adjust settings for individual clients using the device’s Properties screen.

This may seem trivial, but getting microphone support to work properly o300 hypervisor-based VDI setups can prove challenging in all but the most high-end environments. In our tests we simply created new users on the Windows Server and added them to the Remote Desktop Users group. Depending on how the L is configured, on boot-up the user will either be automatically connected to their chosen vSpace server or they will see an on-screen menu allowing them to o300 their Windows username and the server they want to connect to.

A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. Dear Peter, it is a pleasure to be here today and to find out more about ndomputing relationship with NComputing.

NComputing L300

The L has a pair of USB 2. Ready to get started? This page was last updated: The possibilities and advantages of the NComputing solution were plain to see so we began using them at the beginning of This is another reason we l30 so satisfied with NComputing. Skip to main content. The above is a guide only. Making the life of our system administrator easier had not been a particular goal, but it is a fact that controlling the system has become better, simpler, and faster.


MACHER puts vSpace and the L300 to the test.

We were about to implement and be audited under the AS standard where data safety plays a key role. To install and roll out applications, you use much the same process as Microsoft Terminal Services: In the old setup, we had a lot of moving components subject to wear and tear, whereas now all ncomputibg need is the NComputing L and one keyboard-mouse-monitor combo.

However, the very simple server setup and easy management make NComputing’s solution much easier ncomputimg set up and run than something based on a hypervisor or full-blown Terminal Services. Our production facility, has a floor space area of 21, square feet.

A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Only what is shown in the pictures is included, nothing else. If you need technical help with NComputing products you currently ownplease click here to submit a support ticket so we can help you faster. Unit is new power supply is missing comes with original box screws bracket installation cd and guide.

If you’re using Windows Server R2, you’ll have to wait until Q1when NComputing will include bit Windows platform nckmputing with the launch of version 6 of its vSpace virtualisation software. Videos L Product Overview. We were also pleased to find that both of the L’s analogue audio sockets worked properly in our Skype tests.