The Leman Russ Punisher is the second “Siege” pattern Russ, and about as close to “enuff Dakka” as the Imperial Guard. Leman Russ Punisher tank from Games Workshop. I have two more of these to paint and assemble – one is one of the older version – with the. Ok so as the title says which would be best? For context i play pure tempestus scions and the leman russ would be played with the storm.

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Full Throttle is pretty impressive at scoring objectives. Combined with its characteristic toughness and a pair of Multi-melta sponsons to deal with heavy vehicles, this tank can be a threat to anything and everything! It allows you to shoot the tanks main weapon again at the same target if the Leman Russ moves less than half its maximum move distance.

However In sixth edition, plasma cannons can now ‘get hot’ on vehicles so they are less useful. The new codex grants us tank commanders.

In addition, the Leman Russ, due to its renowned toughness, is likely to draw a lot of fire, so it can pair well with weaker glass-cannon type units like Basilisks. Ads by Project Wonderful! It’s still a very good tank for blasting the fuck out of just about anything that pisses it off — it’s hard to go wrong with the vanilla Russ. You will say this with pride! Here you will find reports and pictures! They can be a warlord and only roll on the first three choices of the codex warlord table, and their unit is moved into the HQ force org slot.

In standard games on a 4×6 foot table, the shorter range doesn’t matter. Broodlord – Genestealer Patriarch. Or B, Only applies it to the tank that takes the wargear. Even the Orks like the Leman Russ tankwhich just proves how awesome it is. I actually have spares, though, so it doesn’t really matter. Despite easily having that in Guaiacan Commandoes or TallarnI got it in my thick head that I’d like to put a Brigade Detachment of Tallarn on the table for this event Pask abuse aside, the Hunter-Killer missile generally isn’t useful for Leman Russes punosher because you don’t need a Krak missile rus any of these tanks can pack anti-vehicle punch in the form of its upnisher weapon or Lascannon the latter of which any Russ can get.


I will definitely pester you for them when I get around to assembling it! They aren’t of use on a vehicle that is bristling with weapons in the first place, and it’s extremely hard to envision an environment wherein a player screams “Man, a Storm Bolter rusx my Leman Russ would have been the absolute BOMB right now!

Neither of these are very mobile, and coming out of WWII, the major focus of tank-use strategy was and still very much is as a fast and well-armed assault or reaction force possibly why they’re still called cavalry, and used much the same as in previous wars. Due to terrible wording on tank orders which was not FAQ’dPask and the generic Commander can order themselves or each other. There are few weapons in the Imperium that are as capable of pouring as much fire into the enemy as the Punisher.

So they made their own. While not all Leman Russ variants will benefit from this — some do. To be honest, I still don’t love the idea, I’m more about fluff and narrative than competition. Even now, some are still either in use or being developed the Russian 2S25 Sprut-SD is a mm gun-armed TD going into main production in The Punisher Gatling Cannon is a large, multi-barrelled ballistic weapon, and punishef known as one of the fastest-firing slug throwers in the Imperium ‘s arsenal.

And leaving knowledge to be solely posessed by hereteks or destroyed is extreme heresy.

Leman Russ Punisher

Since moving and shooting Ordnance weapons was no longer a problem, the Annihilator lost much of its appeal, but after sixth edition changed which weapons can be fired when a vehicle moves, its utility has risen some: Sponson Bolters are generally a “take ’em or not” option. Sure it will deal a hefty blow if it hits, but chances are you’re going to need to fire both the Lascannon and the Vanquisher Cannon to gimp a vehicle. Then each variant could be under orders. More of a scare tactic then anything, it does allow the Russ to protect itself in close combat.

  GTO 1202D PDF

Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog: Leman Russ Punisher

Or alpha strike it with something that’s fast or can deep strike. Due to the unstable nature of the weapon the Ryza-pattern Executioner incorporates several safety features. Oh and I think the script is fab btw.

Those that have known me for a well, and for a long time, may be a bit shocked by this. Counter enemy units with the unit they themselves can’t counter. The main thing you need to look out for is lemah battle cannon; With S8 AP3, it can smoke whole squads of just about anything, and any multi wound T4 models will get Insta Death’d as well.

MEQs can glance a Russ to death with their fists, and if they have something like powerfists or melta bombs its going to be dead real quick.

If you play IG for tanks, the Leman Russ is going to be your bread and butter. If you don’t want to use GW stuff, or if you just want something to give your tanks a more unique look, there are a plethora of ways to proxy up a Russ stand-in.

Co-axial weapons provide a hit reroll to the cannon if sharing the same target.

All your armour doesn’t mean anything if you can’t outrun, outrange or at least dodge heavy artillery fire and strike aircraft. I know, Lfman know Generally, it is a good idea to keep your tanks behind your infantry, with the exception of Demolisher and Punisher.