As the title testifies, students were sworn to secrecy before being given access to this magic text, and only a few manuscripts have survived. Bits of its teachings. Liber Juratus Honorii was a key text used by John Dee, who owned two of the most important manuscripts, influencing his Enochian magic and its modern. LIBER JURATUS HONORII: The Sworn Book of Honorius with Text, Translation and Commentary by Professor Joseph Peterson (Limited Edition Hardcover.

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Make me clean, for in nuratus do I put myself to be cleansed. In septentrione juratuus aqua sunt lignum aloes, nux muscata, et maceys. And so theire works are nought.

Being bathed, and having upon you a clean shirt or linen, having also white apparel, and being clean shaven from the hairs of your body, having your face toward the part out of the which you will call, standing upright without the circle, you shall thus begin: A suffumigation made as follows causes a house or such places where it is made to seem juratks it were full of water or blood.

Then on that side which goes from the sixth angle of the same second heptagon to the first angle, this other sacred name of God should be written: Other there be which be called Mercurians, which be these: This of course is the well-known “Lord’s Prayer.

Sworn Book of Honorius – LIBER JURATUS HONORII

Corrected per S4, GH. Govern me, O Jurarus, for in thee do I put myself to be governed, and pour the faith of thy grace into me, and fasten it in me, that the Holy Ghost may come into me, and may reign and govern me, that I may obtain this holy vision.

And yet they are not three almighties, but one almighty.

ONand in the next under the seventh cross: Here ffoloweth the names of the lyvyng gode But the Godhead of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit is all one, iuratus glory equal, the majesty coeternal. ONand in the next space under the third cross, again this name: After that, he that will see the Deity hath purged and cleansed and macerated his body; we command him that he keep himself always very clean, and to be garnished with all virtues. Their nature is to give love and favor and riches to a man, and power, also to keep him hail and to give dews, herbs, flowers, and fruits in a moment.


If you are endeavoring for knowledge, then say as I have shown here, but if for the consecration of the book, say as follows.

Liber Juratus Honorii, or the Sworn Book of Honorius

Christuswhich didst shadow thyself in her womb without spot of corruption, even as the sun entereth into a glass. And after this, our exile, Show us the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

For David says, “blessed are the undefiled and those that walk in the law of the Lord. The health which the Lord has given his people is now through magic and negromancy turned into the damnation of all people. Liiber can also if they be commanded do the same things that others can do. Sworn Book of Honorius. For it is faith that works in a man good or evil.

[Fourth Book or Treatise.]

Here follows of marvellous efficacies of certain suffumigations according to the demonstration of learned and wise men after the opinion of philosophy. Then the seal must be [per]fumed with amber, musk, aloes, lapdanum, white and red mastick, olibanum margarith [i.

For he destroyed our death and through his resurrection restored us again to life. After that, when you have thus done once in the morning, you must do so again about the 3 hour, and likewise about the midday, and then you may dine. O holy and almighty God, establish my work this day, and teach me that I may walk innocently in thy sight, O glorious God, that thou mayst delight in the abundance and thy plentiful grace, that the violence of the flood of thy most Holy Spirit may make the site of my heart glad, and may make it pure in the faith of thy lliber vision, and in the hope of the effectual innocence, for the which I labor and may replenish my heart with thy abundant charity, and quicken me with the beams of thy Holy Spirit, and defend me with the everlasting liberr of thy abundant mercy, and [grant] that thy grace be not void in me.


Hermes says that he found in an old book that these were the more suffumigations: And let him always remember God, and pray unto Him for the forgiveness of his sins, for God is righteous and ought to be feared, for he that doth not love Him, as Solomon sayeth, “the beginning of wisdom jurats to fear God.

After that thou shalt say this prayer:. See my printed edition pp. The corrected version should read: But the whole three Persons are co-eternal together, and co-equal. For through the virtues of prayer and the power of God in whom he hath his whole trust, his body is made as it were a spiritual body, and he shall be fed with spiritual meat, even as the young crows or young ravens whom God of his mercy doth nourish, as David testifieth, saying, “He doth give the ox meat and the young ravens or crows that call upon him.

And look what fumigation we give the first hour of the ; the same must you give ujratus that day, and so likewise of others.