A little birdie called Google told us that all of you really needed some practice LLQP exam questions. Once you enroll to our online LLQP courses, you not only . Questions 1. Janice, Victor and Barry are owners of a small computer supply company. Janice is 50 years old and owns 50% of the business. Durham College administers the PROVINCIAL LLQP exam for various provincial regulators. The exam questions, content, and rules are all supplied by the.

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Candidates must review the information contained in the confirmation email to ensure that all personal information and exam schedule information are correct. If you already hold a licence and wish to become licensed in a province other than Ontario or N. After 5 quextions, the waiting period is 6 months for each additional rewrite.

For information on how to access the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry, please contact your course provider. Return to Index After the Exam Questioons the Exam Each exam is scored and the marks sent to the candidates and regulators as soon as possible after the exam session.

There are 2 types of licences under the LLQP program: The exams are offered in Ontario in both paper and computer formats; the content of the exams is the same.

Durham college cannot confirm the validity of the e-mail addresses supplied, therefore cannot accept responsibility for a candidate not receiving a confirmation e-mail.

You may then submit the form by email or fax. Contact your course provider if your Program Type is incorrect. No seat will be held until payment is received. Application for a licence with the provincial Regulator must occur within one year of the date of passing the first module of the exam.

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Return to Index Candidate Conduct The LLQP exam is a professional certification exam and it is expected that the candidates will conduct themselves accordingly. Thanks so much in advance for your help!!! Who are you going to be working for or with?

LLQP Exam Prep Questions – Foran Financial Institute

If the candidate wishes to challenge the questions or content of the exam, they will be referred to the provincial regulators. You questiobs unable to attend the exam or arrive late You are ineligible because your certification status is not updated by the deadline You fail to produce the required Identification at the exam You need to be removed for failing to abide by the expected conduct during the exam Note: Each exam is scored and the marks sent to the candidates and regulators as soon as possible after the exam session.

Considering that proctors will not possess any more knowledge quedtions candidates regarding pilot questions, they qyestions not be solicited to provide explanations or justifications for this approach. The LLQP is one examination.

While it is our intent to accommodate valid medical conditions, the security of the exam process and fairness to all candidates will remain paramount. Once the exam begins, there are no breaks allowed. Only the test centre supplied tablets will be permitted in the exam room.

Your browser is out of date.

Facebook Twitter Google-plus Linkedin Instagram. Return to Index Exam Registration Candidates must register for their exam at least seven 7 business days in advance exam sessions close to booking at 7: Return to Index Appeals If a candidate chooses to appeal an exam score, they must contact Durham College. We will send you an email including a summary of the accommodations to be provided and notifying you that you may schedule your exam at this time.


This policy crosses provincial boundaries; therefore you may not simply attempt the exam in another province to circumvent the regulation. Registration may be done: It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they arrive at the exam on time and with the appropriate identification. Everyone in the company works hard. Rotate image Save Cancel.

Return to Index Required Identification The provincial regulators require appropriate identification in order for a candidate to write the exam.

Exams are scheduled at various dates, times and locations. I know you can buy or pay for courses that COME with questions, but I have already bought the books and have studied. Expired certification is not considered valid. One, the lack of preparedness.

Hats or caps are not permitted. Once a registration request has been processed typically one business day after submitting the registration online with an approved payment transaction receipta confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address supplied at registration time.