Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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Use the tabs below to sort the the documentation articles and use documentstion following links to find frequently used information. Once you have tested your custom portlets on an 8. Consult your Oracle documentation for more information.

Strong collaborators achieve healthier business growth. Dcoumentation can continue to work in their familiar desktop applications. Graphical user interface Lotus Quickr includes a graphical installation program that gathers essential information for the installation, such as where to install, and then performs the installation accordingly.

The Lotus Quickr content services include Web services and REST style services for accessing content, allowing developers to build their own extensions and connectors to Lotus Quickr. This system auickr as the basis for the applications shared by the cluster members.

Modify the following initialize parameter for the new database: It replaces My Places functionality from previous releases.

IBM Connections wiki : Lotus Connections 3 documentation

After the IBM Lotus Quickr source environment has been prepared, you must export the data so that your places, templates, and other system customization can be imported to the new version. If the documentation associated with the minor fix states that Lotus Quickr or WebSphere Application Server must be restarted, be sure to apply the minor fix one node at a time. Press and hold the Control key while right clicking the word to display a menu documentarion alternate words.


When you choose to transfer data to another supported database, perform the database transfer before you use the portal extensively.

The installation process installs Lotus Quickrfederates the node to the deployment manager, and creates the cluster with the primary node as the first cluster member.

About this edition

Administrator user IDs and passwords: Security must always be enabled, except when configuring security. Before continuing with the migration, ensure that previous changes were made correctly. Double quotation marks are required around a Windows file name if there are spaces in the directory path or file name.

With one places catalog users can navigate seamlessly from the catalog to places on remote servers, and then docuumentation to the catalog. Detailed product description, including a description of new function Product-positioning statement Packaging and ordering details International compatibility information.

Data is categorized into four categories.

Click the My Places tab to see a list of places you own or are a member of. IBM Connections Select version. You want network proximity to users, especially for high latency, low bandwidth connections.

After the fix is deployed on all cluster nodes, you can force a manual synchronization using the deployment manager to ensure that all updates are synchronized on the nodes. The amount of database space that is required depends on the number of Lotus Quickr users and portal objects, such as pages and quick. Authentication This section describes what authentication is and the methods for login and authentication. Refer to the information about Changing passwords for instructions.

The supported migration paths are specific combinations of 32 bit or 64 bit environments and operating systems for the quiclr and target systems. When they are finished working in a place, they click the Public Places or My Places tabs and return to the catalog.

IBM Lotus Quickr

Each location shown below is the default location if one is not specified during installation. Display, clear, or download various statistics about all places on the server. Verify that the system clock of the primary node is synchronized with the system clock of the deployment manager. Administrators can modify or add to the selection of default themes provided with Communities by customizing the existing themes, or by defining custom Updated the About section with extra info.


After the upgrade is complete, you return the node or set of nodes to the flow of user traffic, while repeating the procedure with the next node or set of nodes. The steps for installing an additional cluster are the same as the steps for installing the first cluster, with one important exception.

Will own 4 tables used for storing crawler collections, configurations and favorites. Each server will have a places catalog. This can interfere with the installation when the installation program requires you to change discs.

View information about setting suickr your operating system prior to installation. Lotus Quickr is installed as an enterprise application server within the WebSphere Application Server infrastructure.

Values that you specify for the userAgentWhiteList or urlWhiteList properties come into effect only if all the following conditions apply: Because credential secrets hold confidential information, their migration requires special command line options on the XML configuration interface as well as changes to retain confidentiality of the secrets.

If you do not migrate existing credential vault secrets, users must provide their credential information the first time a portlet attempts to use the data. Read the installation section for more information Information for installing Lotus Quickr is provided in the information center. When you create backup or an archive a new folder is created for an individual place.

Place Center placecntr Lotuz for Place Center configuration tables and favorites tables. Instead of performing a complete database transfer after installing Lotus Quickr on the node, complete the following steps:.