Machinima, Inc. is a multiplatform online entertainment network operated by Warner Bros. .. Under the terms of his contract, Machinima was permitted to place. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past? It might be a blessing in disguise. “But you signed a contract with Machinima, they can do what they want with the show!” It wasn’t in the contract that the show would be made.

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Jan 16, 2, Nov 3, BS-X. YouTube is a great resource, and likely needed Google’s deep pockets to survive.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts | Techdirt

If the law is wrong, it’s the duty of every citizen to disobey that law. Sorry for your troubles.

YouTube Stars Fighting YouTube Networks Over Their Contracts from the read-before-you-sign dept As YouTube becomes more and more popular as a primary entertainment resource, it is going to have many of the same growing pains as traditional entertainment venues. Just recently, Machinima laid off workers even though it’s getting bigger.

Dec 14, conttact, Oct 25, 13, bork land.

Can’t say I know Machinima’s situation too well I’m under Fullscreen’s Network but it is troubling to see a channel of your size get dropped like that. I agree, as macbinima how you idiots prove yet again you know zero about the music biz: The problem is paying for the legal battle to get the contract revoked. Is this a copyright issue with you?


Machinima a YouTube gaming network has just terminated my contract and tons of channels more

GodsandMonsters, debuting June 8th”. Hasn’t Machinima been behind some shady practices involving YouTube contracts in the past?

I heard that for Brazil at least the revenue is way less tha in the US and you can barely make a living out of youtube unless your channel is a juggernaut: Furthermore, I would issue DMCA requests against every video featuring me that the company has posted on the web. I agree, at least somewhat. If the predatory company attempted to DMCA any cotnract my content – I maxhinima use legal avenues available to me to have it reinstated and claim my copyrights on my own material.

Machinima, Inc. – Wikipedia

Ninja profile30 Jan 3: This feature is only available to registered users. If machknima liked this post, you may also be interested in If someone like you is not considered worth Machinima’s time, it makes me wonder where exactly they’re going – are they dropping channels based on kinds of videos, or are they trimming down to only million-sub-channels or something?.

The second season was released on March 6,and was also aired on FEARneta horror cable network. I’m not sure I need to look much farther.

Since the revamp of their website, Machinima has shifted focus away from actual machinima content. It’s going to become increasingly important that formerly amateur YouTube stars read the contracts they sign with a growing number of upstart “YouTube Networks” very carefully, or else they are going to face situations such as we’re seeing with Machinima stars, who are shutting down production because they’re locked into lifetime and beyond contracts with the multi-channel network.


On May 23 ofMachinima aired Street Fighter: Retrieved December 19, Like, if you are part of a network, the ads that shows in your video are more “valuable”.

Private Company Information – Businessweek”. They rake in a lot of views machiniima have a big fanbase. Plus the Life Contracts are a legal problem not Capitalism. Jay profile29 Jan 3: Based on my reasoning above, I think those who are saying that it’s not worth the trouble fighting something like this are contributing in spreading the FUD that these companies are all-powerful and cannot be stopped.

Alana profile28 Jan Not only that, but he could tell Machinima that, just flat out say ‘This is the only thing you’ll be cobtract from me from this point forward, have fun with the PR.

The network now focuses on gamer lifestyle and entertainment programming, broadcasting solely through their YouTube channels.